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    why /'kɒŋgres/, not /'kɒŋres/?

    Greetings. why is the word 'congress' pronounced /'kɒŋgres/, and not /'kɒŋres/? Might it be because of the nasal /n/ sound, and if so, when is the letter n not pronounced as nasal sound, when accompanied by g? Also, do all gerunds and -ing (as in continuous forms,and adjectives) have nasal...
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    Nasal sound /ŋ/

    Greetings. In words with nasal sounds such as 'sing, ring, everything,' etc, should there be weak /g/ sound at the end? or a weak /k/ sound at the end of 'bank' for example. Many thanks.
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    wɪð, or ,wɪθ

    Greetings. Is there a certain situation where the sound of 'th' in preposition 'with' has to be voiced or unvoiced? Thanks.
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    The Mars or Mars?

    Hi. I realize article 'the' should be used with unique things such as Mars, Sun, Mercury, etc. But is the a rule for when we shouldn't use 'the' to talk about the objects mentioned? Much obliged.
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    [A·mer·i·can] why not [A·me·ri·can], or ['crit·i·cal ], and not ['cri·ti·cal ]

    Greetings. Why [A·mer·i·can], and not [A·me·ri·can], or ['crit·i·cal ], and not ['cri·ti·cal ]. Also a syllable is a word, or part of a word, which contains a single vowel sound. True, but why [bi·o'log·i·cal ], not [bi·o·'log·i·cal ]. Another word it seems as if it should have five syllables...
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    Do you have, or have you

    Hi. Is it correct to say, "Have you any idea?" rather than, "Have you got, or do you have an idea?" in a formal manner? Thanks.
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    Since in present perfect continuous

    Greetings. Although I know 'since' is used to express starting point in time, I'm unsure about the following statement. 'The Smiths have been staying in our bungalow since two days ago'. Is this OK? Is 'ago' a factor in the structure? Many thanks.
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    Greetings. :?: What roles do words 'because, after, and before, or any other ones' play in past perfect tenses? If any. Thanks.:-)
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    present continuous or simple present

    Greetings. Two questions: 1- which answer to the question ' what are you studying' is correct ? I major in linguistics, or I'm majoring in linguistics. 2-What is the sound of 's' in 'Pronunciation in use'? Is it /s/ or /z/? A verb or a noun? Thanks.
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    When & be able to

    Hi. In the statement 'when I've saved another $1,000, I'll be able to buy a new car.' why the the first clause uses present perfect and in the result clause the tense is future? Thanks.
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    Idiom or phrase

    Hi. Is there an idiom or a phrase that expresses; An extremely lucky person who doesn't deserve being married to his or her spouse. (Usually one or the other isn't attractive) Thanks.
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    Greetings :-). Why is the phrases; Mr. right or Mr. perfect correct and Mr. good isn't :-?? Thanks.
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    Hi. what is the difference between addicted in and addicted to?
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    /g/ or /dʒ/

    Greetings. when is the letter "g" pronounced /dʒ/ as in general, and when is it pronounced /g/ as in girl? Thanks.:-)
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    word sounds

    Hi. would someone please explain why we don't use proper consonant sounds for some words, ie; chevy /ʃevi/ (it's not shevy) instead of /tʃevi/, or chicago instead of shicago etc. Are there any phonetic rules, does it depend on the before and after phonemes? Also /p/ what are the phonetic rules...