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    Have you ever been in a situation ______ you know the other person is right

    "Have you ever been in a situation ______ you know the other person is right yet you cannot agree with him?" In the above sentence, should I use "that" or "where" in the blank? I'm not sure about that. Would you help confirm it?
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    about "encounter"

    Then is it fine to say "We encountered plenty of opportunities last year"?
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    about "encounter"

    For example, "In the future, you are sure to encounter both many challenges and plenty of opportunities."
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    about "encounter"

    According to dictionaries, to encounter something often means to experience something, especially something unpleasant like difficulties, setbacks. Then is it acceptable to say "encountering many opportunities"?
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    "I feeling" or "me feeling"

    In the following sentence, can I replace "me" with "I"? The three of us continued to meet at the dance, me feeling very much the gooseberry. Could you help explain it? Thanks.
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    adverbial or complement

    In the following sentences 1.He arrived in the country. a penniless 20-year-old.2. He died young. are the words in bold called adverbials or complements? I sometimes find it difficult to tell the difference between adverbial and complement in sentences like this. Would you kindly help clarify it?
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    [Grammar] It's natural that he should marry her.

    According to some reference book, "It's natural that ..." is also categorized into subjunctive mood sentence pattern, so what follows should be something like "...(that) someone should do sth." For example, It's natural that he should marry her. It's natural that she should do so. My question...
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    [Grammar] about "the standard to be admitted to the games"?

    "All countries can take part if their athletes reach the standard to be admitted to the games." I think it's right to say "a man to be trusted", or "the year to come", or "the job to be done", with infinitive used as attributive. I wonder if the expression in bold type "reach the standard to be...
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    which side are you

    I have always taken it for granted that when making question we should say “Which side are you on?” Is it possible to omit the preposition “on” in oral English, esp. American English? Is the preposition often omitted? I wonder how it’s used in daily English.
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    How to pronounce “at work unit”

    I just wonder which word should be stressed when you natives say the three words “at work unit” used as a topic. I'm inclined to stress the word “work”, as the first one recorded in the attachment, but some people disagree and point out that I should stress “unit”, as the way I pronuounced for...
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    as if it happened or as if it had happened

    Usually in a subjunctive sentence we use past participle “had done” when referring to something that didn’t happen. E.g. If he had come yesterday... Then how to understand the sentence “I remember everything as if it happened yesterday”? Why not “as if it had happened yesterday”?
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    about "Nobody handed me nothing”

    We are taught to say "Nobody handed me anything." as standard English, But sometimes I see the sentence is expressed in the following way--"Nobody handed me nothing." My questions are: Is the latter sentence commonly used in everyday English, or is it a dialect? In conversation, is it...
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    the meaning of "cup"

    I saw expressions like "Her cup overran with gratitude"; "My cup of happiness is full". I wonder what's the exact meaning of cup here. Are these idioms with reference to certain story?Would you help me? Thank you.
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    the meanig of "it would be a nice gesture on her part"

    In the short story "Say Yes" by Tobias Wolff, during a quarrel, the wife hurt her finger while washing the dishes, and then the husband came to her aid quickly. Here comes the sentence: He'd acted out of concern for her, he thought that it would be a nice gesture on her part not to start up that...
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    Is "open the link" acceptable?

    I'm not sure of how to express the idea that I click a link of a website and open it. Can I say something like "open a link" or "fail to open a link"? Or should I use "launch the link" or "launch the website"? Do they all sound natural? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!