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    Improving the handwriting

    If you Google it, there are lots of examples of cursive. They're not exactly alike, but they're all similar. This one is a lot like how I was taught it:
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    lick wingtips

    Notice that wingtips are expensive, conservative shoes — the kind of shoes a dean or other college decision-maker might wear at work.
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    What should I call this?

    Yup. I had a girlfriend from the Pacific Northwest who called the White Mountains and Green Mountains bumps. Anyhow, Al, two words to look up are mesa and another I just remembered, butte. Mesas: Buttes:
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    a name for a restaurant that serves tea

    Yup. To be exact, it's the second leaf from the top of the plant. There are other words that give more detail like golden, tippy, broken. and first flush. It gets pretty involved. The top seven leaves have names:
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    Just down from a little pizzeria.

    Yup. Specifics matter. When streets are numbered or there's an uptown and downtown, that can help. Irrelevantly, in Portland, Maine, USA, "Downtown" is the highest part of the business district, which starts down at the water. So you go uphill to go downtown. The blue part is what people who...
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    [Vocabulary] I am looking for a word to describe insincere invitation.

    You say it's your native language in your member information box. You'll probably want to correct it. Click on this picture to make it bigger:
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    [General] They amuse me so I wanna share with you guys

    Fruit basket and pot are singular. Fruit baskets and pots are plural. Keep them singular or plural in every sentence. Don't mix singular with plural.
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    The furniture looked like they were bought

    In Las Vegas, Nevada, north of the tourist-occupied Strip, there are two or three of blocks of "antique" stores full of Elvis-era and -vibe stuff. My wife and I discovered it when we were at a wedding. Great browsing if you love Formica and leopard-print vinyl. One place was selling an Edsel:
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    lighting a cigarette and trying to protect the flame with your hand

    It's an old expression. For reasons beyond my knowledge, an addiction is a jones. So to crave something intensely is to jones for it or be jonesing for it. It might mainly be an Americanism. And since you remind me:
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    a lake on the side of the road

    Yup. I don't think of the word as rare. Maybe the northeast US has more of them than other places. Here's my favorite, because it's so snaky. It connects Little Deer Isle with Big Deer Isle on the Maine coast:
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    [Essay] ...mostly accepting of...

    That's what I'd do! Although semicolons can be useful, they're also tiring for readers — what I think of as speed bumps. A period or comma is almost always stronger. I find I can go years without needing a semicolon. Read a few hundred more books in English to get a feel for how they're used...
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    [Essay] ...was sceptical at...

    1. Each person quoted gets a separate paragraph. Only put more than one quote in a paragraph if it's the same speaker. 2. Separate paragraphs either with indents or space breaks. (Not both.) 3. Do not separate sentences with commas. Use periods, question marks, or exclamation points ONLY! 4...
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    ransom card

    But where will we put them?
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    Names of hats in English

    Interesting! And in the US, toque rhymes with broke and is a tall, white chef's hat.
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    Blast past fast

    Hm. Maybe we're looking at two different things. I'm looking at this: