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    Honorifics (sings of respect)

    Unlike many languages, English doesn't have an intricate network of titles or morphological inflections by which its users can express their respect to each other. Using modal auxiliaries (that show different degrees of formality) can help sometimes, but not always. We use he/she/you/they to...
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    What's so amazing, or better said, strange about the word interloper. So far, I've seen some natives joke about it. Is it the meaning or the pronunciation, or maybe the style (which is more formal than the words used in spoken language) that triggers such a reaction?
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    Things that go pop

    Things that go pop. I’ve seen the expression elsewhere, but what can it mean as the title of a rather technical article on bubbles? Bubble itself can be defined as an unexpected crash preceded by a boom. Thank you
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    Cross-linguistic Morpheme Analysis

    The Indo-European family is composed of multifarious languages that are thought to be closely interrelated. Comparative morphological and etymological analysis can help a researcher arrive at sound conclusions with this respect. The following picture is a model:
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    Poetry Madness #1

    Hello everybody, I know I should have posted this in the Poetry, Prose & Songs section, but I found there so deadly quiet that I decided to post it here.:-? I usually try to post some material which can prove interesting and thought-provoking; something which is concerned with...
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    Please, Take a look at this piece

    With eyes Bewildered at this untimely morn, Withered at the sun’s wide open window, At the flight/zenith of this imminent dawn, Of/from the chains of slumber Have I freed my tied hands. . I cried out: “O people, it is Light of Miracle now! If there still exists any power of sight in your eyes...
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    meaning of some parts

    Hello, would you please help understand the meaning of the underlined parts? 1. Nannie received us in the hall; and as it would have been unseemly to have shouted at her, my aunt shook hands with her for all. 2. New-fangled carriage 3. Rheumatic wheels (of a carriage)
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    Some points in general

    Hi, I’ve enumerated some points here and appreciate your sharing views with me. To whom or what the following pronouns refer? Maybe “you” refers to the sun whose rays “embraced” her lovers “over autumn’s proud treetop”. By the way, what does “lied” here mean? I think it...
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    [Essay] get choked in the throat

    Hello, Sometimes a strange feeling overcomes us with tears pressing behind our eyes; following that we can’t speak and a mixture of sorrow and regret conquers us. Concepts are usually lexicalized across languages; yet, I haven’t come across the right word in which the above mentioned...
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    Poetry Correction

    Hi, here’s a piece of poetry translated into English. Would you please take a look at it, finding(and maybe correcting) its faults? Thank you. Unnoticed she left, And no letters, no words, no messages Were sent by her. I journeyed through the seven lands of love, seeking (for) her, I...
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    [Grammar] Some Tests

    Hello, Please, take a look at the following tests, finding the wrong word or phrase. Please, explain briefly why those parts are wrong. I’ll send so more in the future. THANK YOU 1.During the graduation ceremonies, the superintendent of schools told the story of the desks and cites...
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    Correct me, please

    The following paragraphs are English translations of a text. Considering the questions below, how do you evaluate them ? 1. Are the punctuation and sentence structures correct? 2. What do you suggest for the words or phrases that may look strange in English? 3. Write a...
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    literary pronouns

    Is it possilbe to use literary pronouns(e.g. ye,thee,thy) for a situation in which the one addressed is not present? This can be an example: "O my immortal beloved,Where art thou?"
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    It is not always easy to learn The association between words that usually occure with each other. Here are some examples out of so many-and of course may look very odd-that I would like to make sure about their collocation. It is worth noting that they all have literary sense...
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    Analytic Mind and Poetry

    /Resent with response to Anglika's kind message/ Poetry Analysis As it is crystal clear,good understanding of poetry can contribute so much to its pleasure as well as the important mutual sense that we always seek to discover in the poet. However,it is not always easy to get at the...