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  • Projects? I don't use to have projects, I take one day at a time. Works for me. My job is fine, and so are my kids.
    I am an English teacher, what do you mean?
    I still teach, but as you know, I work as a prison teacher. I teach both English and Geography, local as well as web courses.
    I am re-reading Oliver Twist. I just love it. Wish you a merry Christmas.
    Fine, on vacation too. Take advantage of this to be with the boys even though Xmas is not a time I appreciate. Is English still one of your daily occupations ?
    I am fine. My kids are not at home over the holidays, so I'm feeling kinda lonely right now. I am on vacation. How are you?

    Nice to hear from you again.
    We are fine . I hope your family is ok too.
    I do not haunt the site so often as I used to. Still, I'm on the watch for one of your clever posts.
    friendly, Alain

    I hope everything is fine with you and your family.
    I am fine, too.

    Kind regards, Bianca
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