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    hear you sing or hear your sing?

    This sentence talks about a crow, I don't know if we can call it's voice a sing? It is humanized in this context and that's why I think sing here is an action a human does (like in sing a song), not some voice of an animal. Here is the sentence I'm a little confused and hesitated between hear...
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    This time next week they are flying to the United States?

    Could you please tell me if that sentence is grammatically correct? I think the correct sentence should be This time next week they will be flying to the United States Thank you very much!
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    Instruction for or to?

    Could you please tell me which is correct or both are wrong, if they are all wrong, please give me another replacement? 1. The instruction for doing something. 2. The instruction to do something. Thank you very much!
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    'die' is used as an adjective?

    I have looked up with some dictionaries and couldn't find any says that 'die' is an adjective but I saw this sentence on CNN tv channel, that 'die' is used as an adjective : 'Parents to be die in a car accident' ? Is that an idiom or simply a kind of speaking or informal English? I think 'dead'...
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    ...better off within it ?

    Could you please tell me what this sentence means "you are better off within it anyway"? The full sentence was replied to me by a friend in a forum I joined, I asked for the experience to use laptop adapter, and one of his sentences is "If it gets hot then you are better off within it anyway" ...
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    the new manager's assistant?

    How could you understand the phrase "the new manager's assistant"? I think it can be understood in two ways, 'the new assistant of the manager' or 'the assistant of the new manager', it is apparent that they are strongly different in meaning.Could you please share your opinion on this problem...
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    Pronunciation: write vs rite?

    I have learnt that 'w' in 'write' is a silent letter, so does it mean the pronunciation of "write" is like that of 'rite'? I have never pronounced these words in the same way before, I think the 'w' should make a little difference in pronouncing it compared to "rite".Thank you very much!
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    physically challenged people?

    Could you please let me know if it means 'disabled people'? Could you tell me other synonymous phrases/words to it?Thank you very much!
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    have a sale on?

    Could you please let me know what that phrase means in sentences? For example: I'm having a sale on specialty tea. Does it mean 'I have some specialty tea for sale'? or 'I am making a discount on some specialty tea'?Thank you very much!
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    move back vs move to the back?

    I can understand 'move back' but still be confused with 'move to the back' (whether it is similar to 'move back'?), I have read a passage where that phrase appeared, could you please exlain it to me? Does it need to be in a specific context to understand? If possible, could you please give me...
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    It's all the way downtown

    Could you please let me know what 'all' means in that sentence? Could you use another word instead of it? I can't understand that sentence can be used as a reply to questions like "Is .... far from here?". Thank you very much!
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    What does "order" mean in this sentence?

    I know some meanings of "order" but I can't figure out its meaning in this sentence "The supplies are all in order", could you please help me understand it? Does it have the same meaning to which one in the following contexts: 1. I have arranged the furnitures so now they are orderly. 2. I have...
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    Could you please check grammar in this site?

    I am learning English by reading English news everyday and I'm interested in news on Vietnam written in English, so I selected the site Welcome To Vietnam as a favorite one to read everyday. But I'm not sure if they write English correctly and grammatically. I suspect there is some kind of...
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    Can or could?

    I have this context, I now can't speak English well, I say to my friend that "The time when I can (or could?) speak English well is so far". If possible, could you please correct that sentence for me? Thank you very much!
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    Revision English for juniors!

    Hi teachers, I'm going to have the last English test of the semester next week, I am still a junior of IT department and English is not my professional subject (but I love it crazily and it has been helping me a lot in learning IT professional subjects). I attained a 8.5 out of 10 last semester...