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    At any given time

    1. This means "at any particular time". For example: "At any given time, millions of people are using the Internet." This means that at any specific time we wish to choose, millions of people are using the Internet. 2. It can be used like this: "We had a bit of a problem yesterday." This...
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    the first ever

    Here, the word "ever" is just used to make "the first" sound stronger. It means that no-one had won three Iditarod races in a row at any time in the past. Here is another context: "Did you ever play football when you were a child?" This means: "When you were a child, was there any time that...
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    We often use "specially" as an adverb. For example: "I had it specially made." We use "especially" before adjectives, as in: "It was an especially difficult exam."
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    cover letter

    Re: Please correct my cover letter as soon as possible, thx :) Hi Supergirl, first of all, it would be best if you address your letter to the Human Resources Department, but open the letter itself by writing the "Dear" part to a person. Anyway, here's my corrected version. Notes are in...
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    need the meaning...

    Hi there! This is not an easy one to answer without any context, but I would think it would fit well with the following: "The night wore on and it was getting toward dawn." This means that it is nearly sunrise and soon will be daylight.
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    Is comma needed?

    Hi Grinkl, I think there is something wrong. "B" talks about "regulations" and then says that "the problem is how to regulate it", where it should be "regulate them", because "regulations" are plural - and here, the joke is that they need to regulate the regulations! :lol: About the comma: in...