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    Which is more polite?

    Which is more polite? a. Excuse me, I was wondering whether you could direct me to the station. b. Excuse me, I wonder whether you could direct me to the station Thanx in advance:-D
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    correct it for me

    Flower is a beautiful thing for me.I like it so much and to give all person that.I love flowers to exepress my love and recpect for them.We can see the flower in many places such as:garden house and farms.It have a many beautiful colours like:red,light pink and dark pink,yellow and white.for me...
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    Help me

    you don't see the people that you love them always but on the otherhand you see the people that you don't love all of the time Can you write this in a good way....?
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    Help me please

    Dreamy Glance Dreamy Eyes Can you tell which one can be choosen as a nick name...? Which better..?
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    Is it correct...??

    The weather is never predictable Is it correct...???
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    help me

    doesn't snows in the summer ا doesn't snows the summer which one is correct pleaze tell me.....???
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    I'm graduate&waiting the job hi teachers I want to ask you about the previous it grammatical...??
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    My big problem

    I have a big problem and I don't know how to solve it. The problem is in using the tenses especially (presnt perfect-present continuous) I causes a frustration for me. Can you help me and advice me what I should do? Thanx in advance
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    I want to ask you when I should use the(past perfect tense-present perfect tense-past continuous) And how I should use them??
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    help me

    I translated the following introduction from my first language into English> I want you to help and correct the mistakes> I want to know if it is meaningful or not. I dont know if the using of the words is correct or not. help me teachers Introduction Computer lab contains of many...
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    Simple Request!!

    what are the main differences between using present perfect and present continuous .Also,past perfect and past continuous?? And when we can use them? please tell me because I always failed to use them corectelly:cry:
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    Is it grammatical sentence or not?

    The passage that I've read here gave me a full of information about schema more than what I've been learned
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    Hi Every body I need your help I would be grateful and thankful if you help me I'm studing now psycholoingustics and our teacher gave us a homwork she asked us to do a search for aphotoes or pictures of how the language represented in the brain I really did research but I found nothing...
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    pleaze I need your help..I would be glad if you help me

    Hii Everybody I want you to highlight the grammatical mistakes or any thin wrong in the following article and correct them for me pleaze The hardest feeling in your life is.. When you have inside of yourself.. Lots of terrible pains.. Lots of anxieties.. But you can't by any...