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    Listening help.

    "You see, with every miserable human soul I consume, I gain another charming [...] (I'm almost sure the first letter is 'g', the word sounds to my ear like "garb' or 'gurb') on my shell (yes, sounds more like 'shelf', but that just doesn't make any sense, because he's definitely talking about...
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    Listening help.

    Hello. Dear Teacher, could you help me transcribe the lines below correctly, please? It's said by a turtle demon in an old anime I'm transcribing. The demon's English sounds to me a wee bit Scottish 🙂 (but I might be wrong). I was able to do most of his lines, but I'm still struggling with a...
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    Listening Help

    Hello. This weekend I was watching a movie called Alien 3 and couldn't make much sense of a couple of lines. I think the subtitles are a little messed up and unfortunately there's no alternative, so I need to be sure and therefore need your help. The context would be, a group of men are...
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    [General] Want to hear about fleeting tales of youth

    Hello! Dear teachers, I need your help. I'm watching an anime series where a teacher gives a private lesson to a couple of her siblings (a boy and a girl) who are in high school. Their conversation has drifted from English grammar, and the girl says that she is suspecting that her brother is...
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    I walked out of my last one (birthday)

    Hello! This is another piece of dialogue from the Charmed (an American TV show). Piper (a good witch) is talking with a ghost named Mark about birthdays. He died on his 23rd. I wonder if Mark says he didn't celebrate his 23rd birthday properly. There was some kind of birthday party for him...
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    ask Camus himself how it turns out

    This is a question about another piece of dialogue I came across watching the Charmed (an American TV show). Piper (a good witch) is helping a ghost named Mark find peace. To do that, she needs to get his family to give him a proper burial. But first the police must find his body and identify...
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    you know me better than that

    Hello. This comes from the Charmed, an American TV show. Prue has a romantic relationship with Andy. She discovered that he has an ex-wife that he didn't bother to tell her about. So now she is mad at him because of that, and he, of course, is trying to apologize. Could you explain the...
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    family meeting

    Hello, this is another piece of dialogue from the Charmed, which is about three sisters: Prue, Piper, and Phoebe, who just moved back in with them. It's morning. Last night Prue had a date with her ex-boyfriend from high school - Andy. She's talking with Piper about it. Here, you can listen...
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    hen it's on to ending hunger and creating world peace

    Hello, this is a piece of dialogue from the Charmed, an American TV show. Prue, Phoebe, and Piper (good witches) attend a party at a nearby house. Prue wants to leave early so she can be rested for work, but Phoebe and Piper ask her to stay a little longer, as Phoebe called up Andy, a man...
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    It stands where man passes away.

    Hello. This is what a high school teacher says in an old American movie called Halloween. I wonder if you could explain to me the meaning of "It stands where man passes away"? Thank you!
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    his own day of reckoning with himself

    Hello. This is what a high school teacher says in an old American movie called Halloween. Could you, please, tell me what "reckoning with himself" means here?
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    I would have been here to meet the electrician myself

    Thank you very much, emsr2d2. Interesting. That's what I managed to find through a simple search engine. They work over here without any subscription. Anyway, here's the picture (Prue is in grey) and audio file. I was hoping to see more footage from Prue's work, but she quits it in the...
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    It wasn't my fingers sliding around on the pointer.

    Hello. This is from the Charmed, a TV series. Piper and Prue found an old spirit board ( When Phoebe tried to use it, the pointer on it started moving on its own and it spelled A-T-T-I-C, where the three...
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    my head spun around

    Hello. This one comes from the Charmed, a TV series. Phoebe found a magic book and read an incantation. Prue is asking her if anything happened when she did the incantation. Does Phoebe mean that she felt dizzy or that her head literally turned in the opposite direction? Thank you!
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    I would have been here to meet the electrician myself

    Hello, this comes from the Charmed, a tv series. Piper returns home. It's already dark. I have no idea what Prue means by her words about the electrician and her changing the clothes. Does she say that since she was at work until 6 and Piper was late, no one was home to meet the electrician...