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    The scars will never heal

    I haven't heard that one for a while. But in a TV documentary, the narrator said (from a text supposedly written by a wordsmith): "...rained for a on the river bank were swept away in the one died in the flood, but the carnage went on for days." Are people parrots...
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    The American Past Participle - update

    I reported the threat of extinction of the Brit. Eng. past participle in USA, with its rightful place being usurped by the hardier, more robust past tense form of the verb. Further observation shows that I had underestimated the tenacity of nature, and human nature; and from my hide in the...
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    may/might and the modals - update

    For those interested in exploring the modal auxiliary verbs, a further instalment has been posted. See
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    Can you show?

    How many threads of this passage are there today? See earlier thread.
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    check grammar, please Can you help me? A photographer called John ____ (fly) first class from London to Nairobi in Kenya when one of the co-pilots __________ (come) out of the cockpit to make some coffee in the microwave. He couldn’t make the machine work, so he asked his fellow pilot to help...
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    Open memo to BobK re "a near restaurant'

    :-)In a recent thread by optimistic pessimist, you made an intriguing observation, summarized below, with my attempt to grasp the 'why'. BobK: I've got 'nearby' ( as in that previous thread on 'near' versus 'nearby') but I'm still stuck on your previous point, that we can say 'near miss' 'a...
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    Rare sighting of Past Participle in USA

    It was my impression that the Past Participle, long an endangered verb form in the US, might have finally succumbed. I had saw I had got I had gave I had went I had came are typical instances where the imported variety of the verb, native to Britain, seemed to have been ousted from its familiar...
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    Anglika: et tu Brutus

    ding dong, not so merrily. I thank the forum for having been an outlet for my conversational needs, living as I do in relative isolation in Scotland; and for being a chance to develop and hone any ability I possess to pass on my love for our language. Raymott - I enjoy. But when one is...
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    Standard English Still Prevails (in the UK)

    Royal Mail English is a difficult language even for the English. A recent survey estimated that U K business loses £6 billion every year through badly written business letters alone. 31 percent of the subjects of the study said that they had sought other business partners when their...
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    For WUKEN- Present & Present Continuous forms of the verb

    Paranoid? MOI? Just because hours after posting my (at last) completion of this posting, it remains lost in some vast infinite cyber space contained in the thin wires between a Server and Storage disc? Not when I can re-try posting! When I speak, I am talking about some action, some...
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    For WUKEN- Present & Present Continuous forms of the verb

    When I speak, I am talking about some action, some information, or fact. But also, I can – I could - convey how this information relates to my life in terms of my sense of ‘time’: 1. is it in the past, over and done, finished; OR, is it still relevant to me - does it still have some sense of...
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    Tenses - real life examples!

    A few days ago, I threaded the passage below. The responses received, from native speakers, may have deterred the thoughts of non-native speakers, for whom it was intended. I don't want to visit Iraq or Afghanistan - who does want to visit a war zone? Don't blame you. Here is the thread again...
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    TV's Columbo ...and his tenses.

    Many of you are learning English from grammar books, which use single sentences with no context. Without the context of what the speaker is talking about, the tense form of the verbs can vary, and still be grammatically correct. Here is some real live dialogue from a Columbo mystery: Columbo: I...
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    Point of Clarification

    I am unsure as to the number of points one accumulates, in dealing with any other members' dismissive and patronizing responses to a member's post, before the axe falls. I feel no personal sense of admonishment nor remorse at acquiring my first black badge of courage; and would suggest that...
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    Favourite movies, slang -a time, a place

    In a current post, thedaffodils was saying she is interested in acquiring some slang; and philadelphia was interested in learning about good movies that will help to acquire colloquial English. I wonder, then, if we can have a thread, devoted to movies that forum members have enjoyed, that...