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  • Wa Alaekum Assalam sir! Hope so you are in the best of health conditions!

    Were you referring to the group ''English in Pakistan''? Ok I will be there, thank you!
    Salam alaikum, Thanks for leaving reminding message :)
    I will try my best to visit that group so often... wish you have a nice day!
    All the Best!
    A belated Eid Mubarak to all.Hope everyone is doing well.:)
    C'mon you all,do take some time out for this community of ours.I want some answers on the issue I've posted. Thank you very much for your positive reply Mr.Usmani.Hope our communication turns out to be mutually beneficent.
    ALLAH hafiz
    Dear sommy, I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't quench your thirst here in our community group. It might be because the members are almost always very busy. But do not worry. You can directly PM me whenever you want. I'd be glad if I could be of any help to you.
    I joined your community a couple of days ago with great hopes and happiness.But I am very disappointed to see that the members here are not frequent users.I was looking forward to some discussion but no one has replied yet.
    My fingers are still firmly crossed:)
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    :cool: :-D :shock:
    Please, post in this thread. I would like very much to know everyone's viewpoint.

    Business English - Business Language

    Thank you,

    PROESL Steve

    :) :cool:
    Inshallah, but a fast is not everything!
    Our behaviour, action and speech matters as well!

    Here's something interesting. Take a look: The ways we use just one word.

    PROESL - Steve
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