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    [Grammar] is, was or were?

    Can someone please help with the following sentence? 1- Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who is/ was/ were found guilty of violation.
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    [Vocabulary] Inchargeship

    Is there a word inchargeship in English?
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    [Grammar] What is this symbol called?

    What is this symbol :- called and where do we use it? Can anyone explain please?
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    [Grammar] go shopping or for shopping?

    What's wrong with the answer? Any grammatical mistake? Please help. In question go shopping but in answer go for shopping. Why? Q. Where do villagers go shopping? Ans. Villagers go to the city for shopping?
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    [Vocabulary] Make achievement or something else?

    What verb would go with achievement, make or something else? What about: "You have made a remarkable achievement!"
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    [General] What do you call it?

    Hi there! What do you call a combination of two letters that makes a single sound such as "ch", "sh", "gh" etc. I remember someone told me its name but it escapes me now.
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    [General] What does that IPA symbol stand for?

    Hi teachers! I would like to know what that "t" in italics mean in IPA. Please see the link below. Cambridge Dictionary
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    [Vocabulary] What word is this?

    What do we say a thing in English which we use to catch a hot dish? A small device made of steel used to handle hot cooking utensils just like a pair of scissors.
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    [Vocabulary] WORD PROBLEM

    What is the word called which a person uses in his speech/sentences so often that it finally becomes his identification? Is it a pet word?
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    [Grammar] Article "a" or "the"?

    Hi everybody! Why do we always use an indefinite article "a" before the word lie while necessarily definite article "the" before the word truth? Thanks a million!
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    [Vocabulary] What word is it?

    What is the blood called that discharges from the womb of a woman after her giving a birth to a child?
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    [Vocabulary] What word?

    What do you say a contest in which each opposed team has to recite/read a couplet beginning with the last letter of the couplet recited/read by the adversaries. Thanks a bundle