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    Just to confuse English often speak "Kindergarden" but write the true German Kindergarten. If in doubt use 'Nursey School"
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    Or "I kindly request you grant me leave for one day" forget the 'to' form.
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    remaking of six sentences 5

    if you want to insist on "take off" then do so but don't expect any good marks for an English teacher
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    so + adj + plural noun

    I agree I would use "such a nice boy" or "they are so nice boys"
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    Master plots

    The answer = 42 Then you need to ask the question.
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    English Phrase

    You might be refering to "under the cover of darkness", which is an expression that means the darkness hides the activity. It would really help if we knew where you were trying to fit in the expression and why you felt it appropriate.
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    A proposal letter for a student bursary

    Whilst most people here would not general mind help you write a letter or at least helping with grammer, you should at least make a start. Without knowing what the bursary is for or why you should receive it we would really be in the dark as to where to start.
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    You do not necessarily need to put it in quotations but it is important to make clear when you are referencing someone's work. It should be clear when there work starts and stops. If you are going to paraphrase something again you should make it clear and reference the original work. Example...
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    perk up

    Unless it is really informal writing use "he has" -
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    to be good at a skill?

    I do not see anything wrong with "John is good at problem solving and has team building skills"
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    Content or Contents of report, memo, letter, etc.

    It would probably depend on whether the report had several items that someone might have a problem or if it might be the whole document, in which case I would prefer content. As Anglika says there is probably lots of different thoughts on this point.
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    while, when or in?

    I agree but really you can use any they are all perfectly acceptable.
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    0.1 water suspension of...

    Yes sounds right but is there a unit measure? Zero point one (litres?)
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    Depends on how you want to go? Happy to be leaving or sad. A colleague of mine wrote a letter. "Thanks for the pension - I'm off then" Seriously though the tone will depend a lot on you and whether you want to come back in the future or at least leave it open. If not something simple...
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    sentece correction

    or When is your exam starting? What time does your exam start Of course if it is an exclamation question, when you want to confirm something you think you already know. When is it your exam starts? but would still read better asking for the time if that is want you want.