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    We love dogs in different ways

    We love dogs in different ways. I heard this idiom from a native speaker, but I didn't get it. What does it mean?
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    Smile back

    Hi dear teachers. I have a question about the phrasal verb '' smile back''. What does it mean? Thanks in advance.
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    What does this phrase mean?

    Hi there. A Yoga trainer sent me this message, but I couldn't understand what does it mean!!! You just get a running start and take a leap of faith What does that mean?
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    Foggy and misty

    Hi dear teachers. May I ask about the difference between them please?
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    Urgent: a small story

    I wrote this small story, I feel that it's so funny but I wrote it to improve my writing skills. When I was a child, I used to visit my neighbor's home every weekend. They had a boy who is in the same age of me. I was always frightened of boys, it's kind of a problem I had. Someday at the...
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    The or a???

    Which one is correct? The flat which I live in is above the shop? or A flat which I live in is above the shop?
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    [Essay] My family

    Hi dear teachers. I wrote this small paragraph about my family. Could you check it please? I'm living in a well-tied family. I've got four brothers and six sisters. I'm the oldest one. I usually spend part of my precious time with them because I'm busy learning English and other foreign...
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    Spend off

    She usually spends her day off with her husband. What does spend off mean?
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    Hi there. I'd like to talk about my family in my next exam. I'll do the exam of testing my level again(speaking not writing), and I want to talk about my family perfectly. Could you help me with the way that I should take? Thanks in advance.:oops:
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    E, ea, a, ee and i

    Hi dear teachers. May I ask about how to find the difference between i, ea,ee, a and e. For example: Imperialism, beer, list, lest... etc How can I know that I should put i in the word Imperialism??? And how can I know when can I use ee or ea like: fear in the word beer??? Sorry for the...
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    How do you read this word? Silhouette???
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    The dowry

    Hi dear teachers. I wrote this topic to improve my writing skills. It's about a dowry and marriage. Hope to check my writing. Thanks in advance. Marriage is an institution which can join tow persons with each other. It allows them to have sex, to love each other, to share their thoughts to...
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    Is ''Vocabulary'' like ''people''?? Can I say: vocabularies? Thanks in advance.
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    Inauspicious, ill-boding, ill-fated, ominous and unfortunate

    I'd like to inquire about the difference between these words: 1 inauspicious ill-boding ill-fated ominous unfortunate 2 Multiple and numerous I also want to know what does this phrase mean? In relation to the.... Thanks in advance.
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    I heard it a lot from my friends. Kinda!! What does it mean?