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    Help me rephrase this sentence plz

    Hi everyone. Would you please help me write a better phrase instead of the underlined one? "We can easily come to the conclusion that social media cannot be the main source of distrust in other types of media when people do not have any trust in the former itself." By "in the former itself" I...
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    A Job Title

    Hi everyone, A word for word translation for a job title in Persian is: Deputy Managing Director for Management Development and Resources This person is in charge of all administrative and financial affairs of the organization (not production, public relations, etc.). Do you think this...
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    Whom did you leave the cinema to see??

    Hello everyone. Do these sentences sound OK to a native speaker: 1) Whom did you leave the cinema to see? 2) What did he find Jack has seen? If yes, could you please give me two more examples with the same structure?
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    Adjective Phrase – "civilizationally-rich Asian countries"

    Hi everyone, I want to say "…Asian countries which have long history and civilization…" But I want to write it as an adjective phrase… something like "civilizationally-rich Asian countries!!!" My phrase sounds abnormal, of course. Please help me!
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    [Grammar] the longer...the more...

    Hi everyone. I want to say "long-term shared interests result in long-term sustainable security". Is this sentence grammatically correct and does it sound normal to a native speaker: The longer these shared interests are promoted, the more sustainable security will be guaranteed.
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    Introduce someone to something to attend a course?

    Hello everyone, Is this structure normal? "The institute has introduced Mr. X to the World Bank to attend the course." I mean the institute has officially named Mr. X as its representative to attend a course run by the world bank.
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    Normal type of listing items

    Hello everyone, I want to propose a number of topics to be put on agenda for a meeting. I wonder which type of writing seems normal to a native speaker: Type1: - How to create and access an updated record of… - How to hold joint professional workshops. - How can we actively use… (or...
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    Personal Agenda

    I believe there is something wrong in this paragraph: The visit is to take place upon official invitation extended by his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault. It will be the foreign minister's first visit to France. He already visited Paris for personal agenda. Here, I think "personal agenda"...
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    The four-point peace plan

    In this sentence: "The four-point peace plan for the region proved helpful." Can we mean by this sentence that the "peace plan" is developed and can be helpful? Or the sentence only means that a plan was adopted and it was helpful? I myself believe only the second paraphrase is correct.
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    X-bar Tree

    Hello everyone, the tree structure for "the very orange kitten" is drawn like this: You may click on the image to enlarge it. My question is How can I draw a tree for this one: "the paw of the kitten" thanks in advance
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    Funny you should ask

    A: How is the big city treating you? B: Funny you should ask. Not great! what does the second person mean by "funny you should ask"? does it mean I'm happy that you asked me the question...I wanted to talk about it...?
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    Thematic Relations

    Hi everyone. The question is "Identify the thematic relations associated with each DP or embedded CP..." "It is raining in San Francisco". I believe "in San Francisco" is "location". Then what is "It"?! Is it agent? experiencer? nothings?!
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    Please edit this sentence

    Hi everyone. Is it correct to say "While ISIS appears to have been condemned internationally as a major sponsor of global terrorism,..." I mean in terms of grammar and collocation.
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    Stumbling in

    Hi everyone, Chris Norman has song that starts with this verse: Our love is alive, so we begin Foolishly laying our hearts on the table, stumbling in What does the bold sentence mean literally and really? Is the literal meaning that they are making their hearts stumble on the table or they...
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    A Formal Phrasing Needed!

    Hello everyone, Could you please help me make a formal letter of commendation out of this awkward draft?! : Mr. / Ms. ............. Honorable (?) filmmaker, This certificate is awarded to you because your movie was present in the noncompetitive / competitive category of (X) Film Festival. We...