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    :cool: :-D :shock:
    hello Drinnie! i m up to be ur mate.but don't be worried if i don't answear u quickly.i have no laptop and i m used to logging in a ciber café.so how fine?
    thank you for your request of friendship: can you help about the text I send yesterday ?
    kind regards
    Hi Drinnie.
    Thanks very much for your invitation.
    I have never been invited to be someones friend before, so i found it interesting.
    I am from Serbia, work as a managing director in a private company .
    Spare time I use to play guitar, or teach my kids mathematics or English.
    Wish you all the best.
    Actually,I don't have a English name.You may call me Wen Sheng(my given name).Shi Wen Sheng is my Chinese name in Pinyin(which tells people the pronunciation of Chinese characters and spells Chinese names).
    Thanks to the economic crisis,iron and steel industry,inluding our company,in China is also influenced.But our plant runs as normal,so I am busy as before.
    Although I don't like my current job very much,unlike you,I don't have continuing education program or any specific plan and still I am think about it.In my spare time,I just pick up some English for pleasure.;)
    It is really great to hear from you.I am with an iron and steel company in Northeast China.
    I am twenty-eight and have been working in a cold strip works of my company here since I graduated from college 4 years ago.
    And how is your life like?
    My name is Shi Wen Sheng.
    I am currently Working as an electical engineer,and fond of learning English in my spare time.
    I really enjoy hanging around here,and people here are very friendly.
    All the best.
    Hi Drinnie,

    Thanks for the request of friendship :)
    Hi Drinnie,
    It is really nice to befriend you(And very exciting to receive your request).
    Have a good day!
    Keep in touch.
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