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    [Grammar] Wasn't home or Wasn't at home

    Hi, Which senetence sounds better? Are both correct grammatically? He wasn't even home. or He wasn't even at home.
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    [Grammar] Are these two sentences OK?

    Hi, Are the following two sentences grammatically correct? Also, do they sound natural to a native speaker? 1. Our classes are generally funny and relaxed, except when we have to write a test. 2. At the weekends I usually go to the beach or do some yoga. Thanks
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    [General] Number-two cut

    Hi, What does the second half mean (number-two cut)? his spiky wit as razored as a number-two cut
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    Hi, How would you explain the difference and usage of disappoint, disappointing, and disappointed used in sentences to a learner of English? I've found that it's the last two that causes the most problems because both are adjectives.
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    Teaching non-native kids

    Hi, Can anyone recommend me some good ways to teach non-native kids English writing and reading? They can now read and write in their first language and were learning English in this year, but from next year they will have to learn to read and write English words. Any idea? Thanks
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    Topics for intermediate students

    Hi, Do you think the following topics are appropriate for intermediate level: abortion animal rights death penalty euthanasia I'd like to use these topics in converstion classes. Unfortunately I haven't met the learners yet. Any help is appreciated
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    What is an island?

    Hi, Could anyone explain what an island is (with an example if possible)? Thanks
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    Question about antonyms

    Hi, What is the difference between pseudo and true comparatives when we are talking about non-complementary opposites? Could you give me examples as well? Thanks
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    Complex sentence question

    Hi, I have these two sentences: 1. I always meet him where I least expect. 2. Do you remember the place where we first met? According to my key, only the first sentence is an adverbial clause of place. Why the second one isn't?
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    Referencing question

    Thanks. And what if there is no author indicated?
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    Referencing question

    Hi, I'm using the MLA style for quotation. I checked their site but I don't seem to find how to use online references inside my text. Do I have to put the URL next to the quotation? Thanks
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    Hi, Could you help me with these sentences? I can't figure out the ambiguity, the two meanings of them. 1. They took her flowers. 2. She commented on the page. 3. He took down the name. Thnks
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    Hi, I have an exam question: (Chomsky) The Standard theory model: wh-transformation Could someone tell me what this is exactly? I can't find any good source for that. Any help is appreciated
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    Enrich vocabulary

    Hi Soup, Thanks for the answer. Well, I read a lot as well as listen to music and watching movies in English, but it seems to me a bit slow. Perhaps I'm just impatient :-D Does anyone have some good old technique? :-D
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    Enrich vocabulary

    Hi, What is the best and/or most effective way to enrich one's vocabulary? Thanks