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  • Hello Eden Darien - an nyeng har say yo?
    LOL.. I cannot remember most of it. Thanks for your friendship request :)
    Hope you are doing well in Korea and enjoying your time there.
    All the best to you... don't let the 'small stuff' bug you ok and take care.. (speaking so like a mother.. oh yeah.. I'm one... o_O )
    Hello Eden Darien. Thanks for leaving your kind message.
    By the way, do we call you Eden Darien, Eden, or Darien?
    Hi Eden Darien,

    By the way, your avatar is very artistic, it conveys a lot about you. I love it!

    To return to the French language, it depends on where one starts. I think you can attain a conversational level quickly if you practice with someone who speaks French in your entourage. Moreover, if you do things you love together (cinema, sports, eating out, etc.), it will add fun to the learning.
    Je suis mal placée pour dire que c'est difficile, puisque c'est ma langue maternelle. Disons que le français obéit à des règles strictes, il ne se réinvente pas tous les jours comme c'est le cas avec l'anglais. En plus, en français parlé, l'accent tonique est toujours sur la dernière syllabe contrairement à l'anglais où l'accent tonique change de place selon les mots. Je vois que tu parles plusieurs langues, c'est très impressionnant!
    Thank you for the friend request! And I love the picture! I have a pet rabbit, and always love anything to do with them :D
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