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    Teacher or Teaching

    Hi, is it TeacherTraining College or Teaching Training Course Or are both correct Thanks:-)
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    have got

    hi my teacher told us the other day that HAVE GOT is not longer used in English, after someone asked which was the real difference between HAVE and HAVE GOT. Is it true because I´ve heard this in many movies and in shows. If possible tell me everything possible about it. the real dif., usage...
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    hi I need to know which is correct and why. I mean the order *If I had known, I would never have done it. *If I had known, I would have never done it. thanks
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    could anyone correct my paragraph

    I´ve been asked to write a paragraph titled The Golden Age of Female Singers. please tell me if this is correct thanks in advanced.:-D The 21st century is The Golden Age of Female Singers. Since at least a decade ago women have broken the chains and become more independent in every aspect of...