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  • hi! i'm a newcomer. I would be grateful to you or any one visiting the site to lend me a hand as to fulfil my duty the best way possible. I'm teaching phonetics for non-natives and the subject is so knowledge-wide that I face difficulties to schedule well-structured lectures moving from generalities to specificities, you see what I mean. if you can guide me through, i'd be the happiest.
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    :cool: :-D :shock:
    You're welcome. Netbooks are a great thing to have! I hope you get one and enjoy it the same way as I have ever since I got mine. :)
    Please, post in this thread. I would like very much to know everyone's viewpoint.

    Business English - Business Language

    Thank you,

    PROESL Steve

    :) :cool:
    umm im a newcomer....please guide me..thanks^^
    Thanks a lot, mate. It may be because of the fact that I am a freak about English grammar. Or maybe because I have been to England once and I liked it there very much. Besides, I have six-year experience of teaching English to other Poles. All these facts put together make up my profound knowledge of English, I reckon.

    Hi engee, I just dropped by to say that I admire your profound knowledge of English as a non-native speaker. Thank you for answering some of my questions as well!

    All the best, Stefan.
    Hi, Could you please help me...What is the correct one
    The firm has excelled its services in project design and consultancy in both nationwide and internationally.
    Do you think I have to put ''in'' before both... thanks

    Hi. I am sorry to bother .I need help.I like ur view on research proposal.
    Title: Influence of Stress in pronunciation of English
    Statement of the problem: How does stress influence in the pronunciation of English ?
    Review of related literature: Speaking depends in stress and has great effects on communication.A worker or a pupil should know how does stress works in sentences in order to be able to communicate. He should know what type of stress is it in a word? Primary or secondary stress?Where to put it?
    Hypotheses: This research will give outline for operation of stress in English and provide hints for using correct stress during speaking
    Significant of the study: Speaking English depends on stress. A learner of English may find it difficult to understand what he listened from radio.This is because he can’t differentiate between words types. I.e. weather the word he listened is a noun or an adjective. Here lies the importance of stress.
    You could start with:
    Okay girls. Now I want you to count out loud with me (pause) three-two-one...

    I want to ask the girls to account with me(3-2-1)before starting the scene

    How I can say the sentence?
    No, I never said your English was weak. Sometimes you have to be able to show your language abilities during your course or while sitting an exam. I don't know what your level of English is, nor do I know what level of English you are meant to be. The thing for you to improve upon your English language abilities would be obviously using it as much as you can. But that's what you must already know.
    As a non-native speaker of English, I must admit your English is good enough to communicate. Having said that, your command of English may not be as good enough as it is required to pass your final examinations.
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