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  • I want to ask you Mr.Engee

    How did you see my English?

    I need your evaluation because I will finish my studying of English Language in the next semester but I'm not sure about my English
    No, I don't teach English any more. I am trying to be active all the time so that I don't regress with my English. And this forum pretty well enables me to do so.
    do u teach English and if so where
    hi would it be possible to ask a question please?
    how are you?
    I hope to learn from you even it is a little.
    I think I'm bad at grammer.
    I hope to be a fiend to you.
    Yes, I used to teach English back in Poland. But surprisingly enough, I never had any qualifications to do so! People just trusted in my skills and commitment to the work I was doing. As for how it is like up here, well, I can't complain - people are alright, the weather is alright (it's not true that it is always raining here!), and the food is OK, too. You would just need to get used to it if you didn't like it here at first. And above all, English is all around you all the time!
    Hi, did you teach English in Poland or in England? Do you have a formal training in English, meaning a degree in philology? Sorry for being nosy... it's just that I am playing with the idea of leaving our 'great' country and I wonder how it is like up there for people who know English as well as you do....
    Well, the best thing to do when you want to ask a teacher a question is to click on [Forums], then [Ask a teacher] (the first on top left corner) and type your question into the box, giving it a title so that others know what it is about. :)
    im new here
    can u gide me
    how can i use from these site?
    Ps.Please participate in the vote 'Would you like to live in the USA?'. We need to see your beautiful opinions about living in the USA! Hopping that you'd set the stage for having a good conclusion!
    Thanks Snowy for your message. Yes, I'm fine. It's just that I've been busier than ever before in the last three weeks. Some changes in my job meant spending more time at work, which made me use the Internet less frequently.
    See you soon on UsingEnglish.com.
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