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    Everything is easy if they are practiced.

    Hi everyone Is this sentence correct? Everything is easy if they are practiced. I mean is it correct to use ‘they’ to refer back to ‘everything’?
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    by other people

    It's from a course book. Here's a picture of that.
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    by other people

    Hi What does the following sentence mean? He researches products by other people. Actually the “by other people” part is my question. Does it mean he collects information from other people about the products? Or does it mean he asks other people (probably his employees) to conduct the research...
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    Y N or NG

    Hi I’ve got a question about the following text. It’s a yes, no, not given question. Here’s the statement. • Scientists are researching what happened at the start of the universe. This machine is the biggest experiment on Earth. In a 27 km long tunnel just outside Geneva, Switzerland...
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    Hi How is that possible to have inversion here? Although there are a myriad of underlying advantages,
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    ‎Which is correct, a or b? Did you bring any papers with you? No, I didn’t notice you asked me to bring .......... papers. a) some b) any
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    show or show it?

    Hi, Could you tell me which is correct? 1. I'm looking for a picture to show you. 2. I'm looking for a picture to show it to you.
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    Is it grammatically correct to use a noun after "talk sb into"? I mean is it a must to use a gerund form after this phrasal verb?
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    Talking about low quality fast food restaurants, which of the following sentences can be correct? And please tell me why it's not correct. 1. Fast food is not healthy because they use the same oil continuously. 2. Fast food is not healthy because they use the same oil constantly. 3. Fast food...
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    When sb is taken to the hospital and kept there to receive medical treatment, it's called hospitalize. What verb is used when sb is kept at home for medical treatment? Can we use hospitalize? For example he was hospitalized at home after that accident.
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    daughter-father relationship

    It's said daughters have a better relationship with their dads. They've got a tendency towards their dads. Are there any words/phrases to describe a girl who has got a good relationship with her father?
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    in the end

    Hi Could you please tell if "in the end" is correct when we want to finish a letter? For example: In the end, I'd like to thank you all ... Actually I'm looking for the difference between "in the end" and "at the end". Thanks.
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    Hi I'm wondering if the following sentences are correct. He's a good student enough. He's a good enough student. He's enough a good student.
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    things more expensive than normal

    Hi everyone Could you please help me with this? What do you call a person who sells his goods at a high price (more expensive than normal)?
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    Keep an eye

    What can we say when we want someone to take care of our stuff for a short time when we're not there. For example we want to go to the bathroom and we we want to leave our bag to someone we don't know. Is it natural to say "could you keep an eye on my bag?"