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    [Grammar] Talking about goals using Gerunds

    Does this sound right? "Their goal is giving people motivation to continue working." I've always felt that when talking about goals, infinitives should be used, as in the following. "Their goal is to give people motivation to continue working." Is their a rule for this usage? Do both seem...
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    Take after

    Thank you everyone for giving me your ideas. Well, here's my conclusion. Take after is casual language which often shows more regional variation than more formal language. Here's an entry from a dictionary: take after to be like (someone, especially a parent or relation) in appearance or...
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    Take after

    Sorry. I must have not been clear. When discussing similarities between family members, I always tell my students when using takes after it is more frequently used to describe similar behavior or personality than physical appearance. If you see the phrase, "He takes after his mother" it's...
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    Take after

    I have always taught that to take after when describing similarities was most commonly used when talking about behavior or personality such as, "He takes after his mother. They're both talkative." In addition to this usage, I teach that it is sometimes used to compare general appearance such...