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  • Hi my friend,
    I wish the best for you and your family:)
    Have good holiday:)
    Hi my dear,
    U are right! But I mean that I heard your name be4!(because of that i asked u the name of your high school)
    Come on, age is not important, The important thing is that our mind and our heart is young:) I'm 21 and 10 years later 'll say: I'm 31:) Honey TAKE IT EASY!:)
    And I LOVE children's world too much, They are so pure with nice feeling and emotion,
    I always try to be a child. I really hate adult's world (Lie, Hurt, War, Kill,...., They do them easily no fear!:(:(:(:(:()
    Hi, Amanda

    I will respond here, as do you. It's very nice of you to read my poems; it can be also a great positive feedback to me. When one writes poems, they are connected with their deepest thoughts and feelings, so being emotional is a key point for a poet.

    I think that you mean "having a recollection of the days of my childhood". When I was a child, I spent a very nice time with my family. Nevertheless, a child views the small events emotionally very huge. She felt very sad if she didn't get the beautiful doll in the shop window. And many other subtle events might happen to her during childhood and change her attitudes. In short, childeren's world is big and filled with emotions.

    The high school where I had studied before had a very good reputation in my city- the best teachers and the hard working students were there, but I didn't like the methods of teaching there.

    Ladies often would like to keep their age sectret.

    Any other questions?

    Hi my dear,
    me2, Honey is it possible 4 u answer me here?
    when I read your songs, I guess u should be a Girl, your songs are full of nice emotion (I think most of the girls in Iran are so emotional), I think u are very sensitive Girl?! I want to know have u had bad memories when u were a little Girl?(because most of your songs are about children who has a problem)
    And another thing, I think i heard your name before! How old are u?
    what was your high school's name?
    Hi my dear,
    dear taghavi can u introduce yourself 4 me becuase i don't know u!:)
    I guess u are a Girl, Am i right?
    Hi, taghavi. I enjoy reading your story ^^ (though sometimes I find it's difficult to understand ) I wanna make friend with u as a turtle and a snail. Can you accept my friend request? ;-)
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