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    [General] A little story

    Hi dear English-speaking teachers, Would you please take a look at the note below? The Seed Journey to a Sweet Melon ​ The wind wants the dandelion seed to land a desert of Khorasan (a province of Iran) …oh poor tiny seed was trapped in a spinal melon plant. Night comes and the plant gets...
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    [General] How to ask sb for a talk?

    Dear all. Would it be possible to ask in this way? : Whenever you feel free let me know to talk." Kind regards, ES
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    [Essay] appreciating for your editing of this document about "Journal writing".

    I decide to eliminate this part. Ever student
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    Which word is the best choice in my sentence?

    Hello, If I want to repair a machine, which verb I need to use to "realize the weakness of the machine"? Are those bold words used correctly? Many thanks in advance for your help,
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    [Vocabulary] What is the meaning of this?

    Hello, What is the meaning of "Copies four 2-sided originals together"? Many thanks in advance
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    [Grammar] A topic of an essay and your correction please

    What famous place would you like to visit? The famous place that I would like to visit is the Pyramids, one of the seven ancient wonders and monuments. And there are two reasons why I would prefer to visit there. The first reason is that I can learn about a different culture from the ancient...
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    [Grammar] Coud any native speaker of English help me out?

    Hello, Here are a number of quotes: -They who know their speech is part of their performance will speak less unless the speech is useful for them. -When one dies, all he (one) has done will end except his (one's) child's good deeds, a science is useful for people and an eternal good deed...
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    [Grammar] Could a native speaker of English edit my essay?

    Hello, What a recent new story has affected you the most? In what ways has it affected you? Use reasons and examples to support your response. There are two reasons that I have recently affected by the demonstrations in both developed and Arab countries in the world. The first reason I...
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    [Grammar] woul you please correct these two quoets?

    Hi, "Be not in a hurry for giving punishment to a wrongdoer, but give some opportunity to him to apologize." "Oh, my friend, three things are caustic and fatal: poverty after wealth, misery after glory, and loosing your friends." Thanks in advance
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    [Grammar] Could any native speaker of Engilsh please edit my passage?

    Hello, "Advantages of working in groups": The first point I would like to make is that there are strong advantages to working in groups. One advantage of working in groups is that the members can learn from each other for getting things done. Something else is that the work labor can be...
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    [Grammar] Could any native speaker of Engilsh please edit my passage?

    Would you prefer to go the opera or to the football game? (a speaking passage, you have only 30 seconds for speaking) There are two reasons that I would prefer to go to the opera. One reason is that the opera atmosphere is very quiet and I feel comfortable there. There are not noises but the...
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    Approximative system

    Hi Would you please explain "approximative system" to me? Thanks in advance
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    A question on "days"

    Hello, Does it make sense? "We can talk on the following day"
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    A question on "flowers"

    Hello, You usually say "a bunch of flowers" or "a bouquet of flowers". What do you call only one flower? For instance, can we say "a branch of Roses"?
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    [Grammar] At or In? Which one is correct?

    Hello all, Which one does make sense? I am studying in the university. I am studying at the university? When do you use in or at for a university? Thanks in advance