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    [Grammar] Please Check Grammar!

    Respected Teachers, Please check grammar of the passage given below:- The Iranian foreign minister M.Zarif allay the concerns of Pakistan regarding the Indian involvement in building Chahbahar Port. On the occassion of celebrating 70th year of Pak-Iran friendship while addressing at Institute...
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    [Essay] Essay on Water Issues in Pakistan

    Water Issues in Pakistan Water is on of the basic component of life. Thus, it can be termed as precious commodity on earth. In earlier times, people habitat around water and follow river lines. Our lives heavily dependent upon water. World's growing tensions over water is clearly visible...
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    [General] English Learning for competitve exams!

    Respected Teacher, I have been the regular user of this site for the last 10 years. I want to seriously tune up my English skills up to the level of expert. Sir, I am continuously facing difficulties in my professional career growth due to English. I have given few competitive exams but...
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    [General] Explanation Letter in response of Memorandum

    Dear Respected Teachers at I hope you all are good. Please help me in writing a response letter to my organization. I have written a Explanation letter in response of memorandum on absence of duty on particular date and time. It is important to mention here that I was not...
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    [General] Please guide me and check my attempt for Precis!

    Original Passage: Basically, psychoses and neuroses represent man’s inability to maintain a balanced or equated polarity in conducting his life. The ego becomes exclusively or decidedly one sided. In psychoses there is a complete collapse of the ego back into the inner recesses of the personal...
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    [Essay] Please check my paragraph for grammatical errors!

    Respected Teachers at, Greetings! Please check following paragraph for grammatical errors and sentence structure. I have written an essay. A Judicial System in Pakistan Since independence there are thousands of seminars and workshops held in...
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    [Grammar] Transport System for Women

    TRANSPORT FOR WOMEN [SIZE=4]It is a bitter truth that space for women in public life is shrinking. There is and always a strong voice in society to give equal respect and space to women. Whether it is in office, school, parks and markets women face hard stares, lewd comments from the dominant...
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    [General] Technology!

    Technology plays vital role in modern world. The advancement in every field of life is possible just because of Technology. It derives many many years of hard work done by scientist. Many countries in the world are still striving to achieve highest level of achievement in the field of...
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    Natural Resources!

    World is consuming natural resources too fast, whereas human beings defaulting themselves by not utilizing intelligently these resources. Here I am particularly talking about Water, it is the main and basic unit of life. To survive in this world you must have sufficient resources of water to...
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    Veil for Women!

    In France, burqa (veil) is banned on women to wear in public places. This law has been passed by the French Assembly with 335 votes and 1 in negative. Interpretation of this law corroborated the fact that if any women found in burqa (veil) would be penalised 150 Euro and at the same time if men...
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    [Essay] Please check!

    Pakistan and India since the partition of a land embrace them into a never-ending opposition to each other. Conflicted issues takes place with the birth of both the nations. Since they have never gone amity. Their woes about each other deteriorate the relations of the country. They can easily...
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    [Essay] Please Check my paragraphs!

    Since Independence, politicians have found most elusive quaility that is Unity which is embraced by them for their long lasting friendship. And for this amity, Media acted as a catalyst. It is the fact that Media is pursuing those politicians who provided fake degrees to achieve the status of...
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    Good English Expression!

    Hi, Please tell me how can I create good expression of English in my writtings. What are the symptoms of good expression. And please suggest me ways to improve expression. Thanks Farhaj
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    Please Check!

    Journalists perilling their lives for providing the right picture of the situation to the audience. According to the final report of Press Emblem Campaign held in Geneva, published that six journalists have been killed in bombings during the last year in Pakistan. It is, clearly stated the...
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    Your Help for my Future?

    Dear Sir/Madam I am taking the opportunity to introduce myself is one of the oldest user of this website. It is worth mentioning here that I learnt alot here. I am willing to appear in my country's most difficult exam that is Central Superior Services (CSS) to make my future bright. I need...