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    The listing date/list date of share "example" is 1900-01-31

    Hi, I have always confused with the usage of "listing date" and "list date". The listing date of share "example" is 1900-01-31. The list date of share "example" is 1900-01-31. Are they all correct? Is there any difference between "List Date" and "Listing Date"? Thanks.
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    Eat Meal instead of have lunch

    When to use the "meal" for "eating" if it is unnatural for "eat meal"? Here is the "Eating the meal" from Wikipedia for reference: Is it correct and natural for the following sentences: Let's have breakfast meal and lunch meal and dinner meal together today...
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    Eat Meal instead of have lunch

    Hi, Can I say let's eat meal at 12:00pm? Thanks.
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    The ZooKeeper implementation puts a premium on high performance

    Hi, The following sentence comes from Can I translate the "puts a premium" into the following: The ZooKeeper implementation makes many efforts on high performance Or, if it means: The ZooKeeper implementation considers the high...
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    Get the ratio with obeying the law

    Hi, The law defined how to calculate the ratio of something. I want to get that ratio by using program method, and added a comment as below. I'm confusing with the "with obeying" and "by obeying": 1). Is it correct to use "with obeying the law" in this case? 2). Can I use "by obeying the...
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    She's very much a hands-on manager.

    Hi, I found this sentence from the Cambridge dictionary. Is it same as "She is a very much hands-on manager"? Thanks.
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    Preceding year for 2019

    Hi, Now is year 2020. If I want to talk about year 2019 today, can I use the following words: A). Last year B). Preceding year C). Previous year I think A and C are correct. Is B also correct? For me, B can also be used to describe year 2018, 2017, 2016, etc., not just year 2019. Thanks.
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    We might try installing it again

    Hi, We want to install some software again on the server. And I say: A). We might try installing it again. B). We might try to install it again. Which is better? I usually use B but what's the difference between them? Thanks.
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    Activation occurs when all specified criteria have been met, though not all are ...

    Hi, I found this sentence from Is this sentence wrong? It says "all specified criteria have been met" but "not all are required at once". This does not make sense. If "not all are required at once", then the first part should be "Activation occurs when...
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    While HDFS is designed to “just work” in many environments

    Hi, What does the just mean in "just work" in the above sentence? I found that total four definitions of "just" from Cambridge dictionary may be the answer, but I'm not sure which one is correct. A: exactly or equally B: only; simply C: used to make a statement or order stronger D: very...
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    would like to have the followings for us to groom our supports to Microsoft SQL Serve

    Hi, I found this sentence from a document, and I'm translating it to Chinese. I have the following questions: Q1). Is there any grammar problem in the above sentence? What is the "subject" and what is the "object"? For my understanding, it has two meanings. I have separated it by "[ ]"...
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    Outstanding Amount

    Hi, Can I translate the "outstanding amount" to "outstanding salary" in this situation? I'm translating a document, which contains "outstanding amount", to Chinese. But I asked this question in English. Thanks
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    Labour MP (Name) is delivering a lecture

    Hi, What does MP stand for? I saw it many times in BBC. Thanks.
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    CUPTI contains below changes as part of the CUDA Toolkit 10.0 release.

    Hi, I found the following sentence from this link: Is it wrong? It used "below" as an adjective in "below changes". Thanks.
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    SAVSUNG in the printed label

    Hi, I have bought a Samsung LED view cover today and found a problem in the printed label on the back of this LED cover. Now I want to confirm if this LED cover is genuine or not. Here is the picture of the printed label: (Deleted picture as barcodes inside can be scanned) As you can see...