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    "To enter the mouse pad" - meaning

    Could you, please, help me with the meaning of the following sentence: "Enter the mouse pad or calculator or radio." What does it mean to enter the mouse pad? I mean, how can anyone enter the mouse pad? What does it actually mean? I've been doing some translation, and I really have no idea...
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    Pronunciation tools online

    I would like to know whether there is any online tool for practicing pronunciation. My students managed to find some, but their functions are pretty limited. What they want to do is to turn on their microphones, pronounce a certain word, and make sure that their pronunciation is right. If you...
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    Questions about intercultural communication

    I've been dealing with intercultural communication lately, so I have some questions I couldn't find the answers to. 1. How can the differences between two cultures draw people closer to each other? 2. Could you, please, provide examples and elaborate :oops: 3. What could be a good field to...
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    Intercultural communiction

    I was asked to make a presentation on intercultural commnication based on a few topics, so I have some question for you. 1. What are the factors that condition perception in intercultural communication? 2. What are the reasons for the failure of intercultural communication? 3. How do the...
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    How to teach grammar?

    Hi everybody ;-) I need your help once again. I am supposed to attend seminar where I should give a brief presentation on how to teach MUST/MUSTN'T. Other colleagues are going to be my "students" and I was given a couple of exercises to do with them, such as: Fill in the gaps with must or...
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    EFL writing (children)

    This time I really need your help :-( Here's the thing: Among others, I teach 10-year-old children. They have been studing English for two years (spoken), and now it is the time to start writing. Since September I've put a lot of effort to teach them write, but the result is very poor. The...
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    I am supposed to write an essay on ERROR ANALYSIS for a local conference. The thing is that, although I've been brainstorming ideas, I can't come up with an interesting topic regarding error analysis. I would appreciate if you could help me with some ideas. What segment of ERROR ANALYSIS would...
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    Drama isn't like stories or poems--it's written to be acted out. You should read the whole play so that you can analyze it. First give a general view of a certain drama and after that, include the following features: Story and Plot What is the story about? Discuss the plot. Plot can have...
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    Remember, when analyzing either prose or poem, you shouldn't divide it into those lines which i put. You are supposed to include them all, but as a whole, to make your own text. If there is something you can't understand, feel free to ask.
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    What to look for in the language of prose Register 1. What is the mode? - obviously written 2. What is the manner? - formal or informal, personal or impersonal? 3. What is the authorial intention? - to characterize, describe a place or time, create an atmosphere, convey a message? 4. What...
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    Here you have the most important features concerning the language of prose. At the heart of a novelist's work is the desire to create a fictional world which exists alongside the real one. It may be a representation of the past, the present or of an unknown future. The characters may be...
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    Ucef, since I teach pragmatics, I will try to help you and give you some directions. You cannot analyze poetry and prose the same way. Let's start with poetry. Poetry Register 1.What is the manner? The manner can be formal or informal, depending upon the relationship the poet wants to...