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    Help with a sentence

    Hi all, I did an inter-country analysis of my data . I found that when I compared country 1 and country 2, information on X was provided singnicantly less in country 1.Similar finding was noted when I compared country 1 and 3. Is the following sentence correct? "Inter-country analysis of the...
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    Can somebody please help me with sentences? Regards, Fizzi 1-An extension of the scholarship will not only enable me to complete my master thesis, but also, to produce a high quality master work. 2- In addition, it will provide me with the opportunity to attend and present my research work in...
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    Can somebody please help me with sentences? Regards, Fizzi 1- I have recently completed the Indian part of a study comparing the quality of information provided to nurses in India and the US. 2- I am expecting the data collection from the US nurses will be completed approximately by April 2008...
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    Hi all, Can somebody please give some comments on the sentences? Regards, Fizzi 1- My master study with the new research team is progressing very well. 2- At the moment, I am writing papers for two studies which were completed in November, 2007 and January 2008. 3-In addition to that, I have...
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    Hi all, Would somebody please help me with the sentences? Regards, Fizzi 1. I am delighted to hear that (organisation 1) and (organisation 2) are discussing on the issues related to advertisment and labelling. 2. I hope the discussion will provide better outcomes for both parties as...
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    Of interest

    Would somebody please comment the English? As a participant, you will have the opportunity to receive a copy of the report. If you wish to receive it, you will need to inform the researcher of your interest and provide your contact details. Regards, Fizzi
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    cool and cold

    Hi all, Which one is right? 1. Shanghai is cooler than London. 2. Shanghai is colder than London. Regards, Fizzi
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    Would somebody please help me with the English? 1.What is the perception of Australian’s and Indonesian's teachers on students presentations? Regards, Fizzi
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    Hi all, Would somebody please help me with the English? 1) The main aims for this survey is to quantify provision of X by the airline industry in (name of a country) and (name of a country). 2) Is balanced information more likely to be provided in (a country)than in (a country); a country...
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    Would somebody please comment the english? In this study “Quality” refers to: 1- consumers' perception of the value of salesman presentations, 2- the ability of salesman to provide balanced information to consumer 3-the ability of salesmen to provide good methodological quality and relevance...
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    Would somebody please help me with the english? Thanks, Fizzi Dear all, I just thought I should update everyone on the reserch. As you already knew, this study will examine to quality of information provided by pharmaceutical representatives in (Country 1) and (Country 2) to doctors. Most...
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    Would somebody please comments the english? Regards, Fizzi !. For instance, the worldwide aggressive promotion of the epilepsy drug (name of a drug) failed to mention cardiac risks. 2.The effectiveness of the X code of conducts in controlling pharmaceutical promotion is questionable as no...
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    Would somebody please comments my English? Regards, Fizzi Dear Sir, My name is ___ ___ , a PhD candidate from ___________. I am working on the quality of information in pharmaceutical promotion for my PhD thesis. I am aware of a recent article and discussions on issues in pharmaceutical...
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    Would somebody please comments the sentences? Regards, Fizzy The primary aims of this research project are: 1. to assess pharmaceutical representatives’ presentations in terms of the nature or types of information provided. 2. to examine whether some requirements set up by regulatory bodies and...
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    Would somebody please help me with the English? Thanks Fizzi 1.Evidence shows that doctors-pharmaceutical representatives’ interactions through samples provision, gifts given and invitation to company sponsored programmes to doctors have the potential to influence doctors decisions about drug...