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    Correction needed

    To native English teachers only: please read my translation of an Chinese speech and see if it makes sense to you and correct any mistake that present itself. Thank you all very much! There are two main ways of living. One is to live like a grass. Even though you are alive and growing up all...
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    As or What ?

    Hi, I need a native-speaker teacher to help me with the following question. Water will contiue to be _________ it is today next in importance to oxygen. A. as B. what Which answer is correct ?
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    Which one is correct

    Is there any english teacher kind enough to give me a reply ?
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    Which one is correct

    --- He is a very good and hard working person. --- _______, but I still don't think he is the right man to do this dangerous wrok. A. No wonder B. I am sorry Questions: which item fits the sentence better ? and Why ?
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    Please help !

    People really are into sansational efforts. What does the sentence mean ? especially " sansational efforts" ? I really don't understand what it refers to. Hearty thanks for whoever gives me a hand !
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    Which one is correct?

    Man: I didn't expect any visitor so I don't have anything for you to eat. Woman: I knew ___. You know what? I bring the food. A. it. B. that. Which is correct? Can we say both?
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    Please check my writing for errors

    Thank you , Ronbee for your great help in checking out my mistakes ! I learned a lot !:up::up::up:
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    Please check my writing for errors

    Dear teachers, please check my writing for errors !Thanks a lot !:-D The year 2008 at last slipped away. It was indeed an unpleasant year to our nation with a devastating earthquake and a sharp downturn of economy. However, it was a whole new start of my life. It was in this year that I began...
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    Come help! Does the sentence make sense?

    More context is here , please do help ! The article is about e-paper creation. Here are the contexts. "It's a new opportunity for the press!" cheers Rives, who personally worked on the project. "It's a chance to attract readers who don't usually read the papers, and reconquer those who...
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    Come help! Does the sentence make sense?

    Hi, dear teachers here, I came across the sentences in one article. I don't understand it. Does it make sense ? As for us, we will have to get used to a new object. Though a page in black and white doesn't shock us if we think of it like a pocket book, it may seem serious for other...
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    Please check my writing for mistakes!

    A revised version of my essay. Hearty thanks go to our charming moderator Anglika! :multi: What is the Most Effective Way to Learn English ? It has been said by many that the most effective way of learning English is to live in an English speaking country so as to get yourself surrounded with...
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    Please check my writing for mistakes!

    Thank you very much, dear moderator, Anglika! I will remember that I should break my writing into paragraphs whenever I write my essays. Thank you very much for the great work you did to correct my mistakes! :up::up::up:
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    Please check my writing for mistakes!

    Wouldn't any teacher here give me any advice?:cry::cry::cry: Did I do anything wrong to be left out ?
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    jump long or jump far or both?

    Nobody knows?