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    Pecking Order

    Hello, Is there always a sort of negative nuance associated with 'pecking order', due to some individuals having more privileges than others ? Eg. "Rising Up In The Pecking Order" Could it apply to any hierarchy, even presumably positive, or does is sound like you got to elbow your way in a...
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    Perches and Roost

    Hello, What do you call the bars the birds rest on, on a roost ? Does "perch" work here ? I assume a roost is the whole thing (ie. with several "bars"), while a perch can be a part of it. Is that correct ? Cheers, Francois
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    From A to Z, [including?] E and F

    Hi there, How do you phrase it when you want to enumerate a list, but putting the emphasis on the first and last "entry/item" ? Eg. From Roosevelt to Bush, [insert words here] Reagan and Carter ... In French, we would say (literally): From A to Z, passing by E and F... (in red to show that...
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    What do you play cards on?

    What do you call the kind of "mat" you unfold on a table to play cards on?
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    It's in every citizen's interest to vote

    "It's in every citizen's interest to vote." Correct? Natural? What would a native speaker say?
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    Can something be eligible eg. an eligible movie (that meets some criteria) ? If not, what adjective can be used ?
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    Game / promotion

    Hello, 1) What do you call the kind of games, created as a promotion for a specific product/event (like, celebrating the announcement of a new movie), with giveaways offered to the persons who win (eg. find correct answers) ? The organizers quite often draw lots among the correct answers. Is...
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    accessible to...

    "[...] and accessible only to the players you gave the password to." Doesn't this sentence sound weird? What would a native speaker say (write)?
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    Ottoman? What's that Ottoman reference? FRC
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    Sentence ok?

    Is this sentence ok? Something seems to be missing after the 'when' part. FRC
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    No can do

    -- This is great, you can join my guild! [talking about a videogame] -- No can do, sweetcakes. I'm not familiar with the "no can do" part. Is it common? AE/BE? FRC
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    Peanut gallery

    What's that peanut gallery stuff? I googled a bit and found some kind of kid show, but was it famous for flying veggies? BTW the sentence is figurative... FRC
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    Pull a chain

    It's not hard to guess the meaning, but where does the expression come from? Is it common? AE/BE ? FRC
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    Some funny ones

    It tests your understanding too ;-) Dijon vu -- the same mustard as before. Practice safe eating -- always use condiments. Shotgun wedding: A case of wife or death. A man needs a mistress just to break the monogamy. A hangover is the wrath of grapes. Dancing cheek-to-cheek is...
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    I've been thinking a bit about that abbreviation discussion we had with Cas, as I felt there was some value in these common "forum" abbreviations, but I couldn't show it convincingly. To me, "forum" is the key word here. The Internet has brought a new kind of medium for communication, something...