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  • Hiiiiiii, how's it going? long time no see :p guess what, i think my phd will be on reed-kellogg & PSR/Xbar, precisely on the representattion of odd-in-meaning sentences where we resort to "t" (trace) to refer to a missing/understood lexical unit. So, any ideas?
    Regards ^^
    Hey there,
    I am fine. There have been some pretty interesting developments for me in the teaching of syntax.
    Are you not allowed to have friends because you are new to the site?
    In any case, I am curious about who you are. If you would care to tell me, I would appreciate it. American? How old? Where did you learn syntax? etc.
    I am computer illiterate. I hope you get this message. Thank you for your note. You honor me; however, I am not able to have any friends at this time. I very much enjoy reading your wonderful posts. Your students are very lucky to have such a conscientious teacher. Happy New Year.
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