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    Teaching Punctuation and Vocabulary

    I have put on my Youtube Channel two series of free videos. The first is a somewhat whimsical way of teaching almost the entire English punctuation system. I have, however, mixed in with it some German and also some alternative spelling for pronunciation. These videos can be found on my...
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    Spelling System for Dialect

    I am starting this as a new thread since Shahir of the other thread seems to have disappeared. Does anybody know of an easily usable phonetic spelling system that does not use diacritical markings, by which I mean symbols other than letters and punctuation marks that are on a normal English...
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    View requested diagrams on Youtube

    On different occasions I have been asked on this forum to supply a Reed-Kellogg diagram for some sentence. I am always glad to do that, but there is no very convenient way that I know of to diagram while using a keyboard. The Reed-Kellogg diagramming system works beautifully and easily on a...
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    Linguistics for teenagers

    In the process of teaching a course online, I am trying to introduce the subject of linguistics in such a way that 14-year-olds can relate to it. This I am doing to better prepare them for the study foreign languages. I would LOVE to get some feedback on what I am doing. It is entirely...
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    German for English teachers

    Things seem to be a little slow at present on this part of the forum, so I thought that I would float an idea. At its most outrageous the idea is that ALL teachers of English grammar or literature should HAVE to study German. That thought has seriously occurred to me. Because of a German...
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    indirect vs without direct object

    I saw that a thread had been closed on this subject. It need not be reopened on my account, but a sample sentence was "I talked to him". That sentence seems to me to clearly have a prepositional phrase in it. The sentence " I told him." might serve as a better example. What I told him...
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    " you need a ride..."

    I was paying little attention to a movie that my wife was watching, but then I heard and noticed an example of what I think is called zeugma. A character was saying to a hitchhiker that she and her husband had picked up that "You look like...(and the viewers expected "our son"). But, instead...
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    Anglo-Saxon vs Latinate vocabulary

    I am about to try to show my students what a huge difference there is between the Anglo-Saxon words and the French words in English. Do any of you know of a good example of a "parallel text" using the two vocabularies? I believe that Sir Walter Scott did something with this. I also believe...
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    Diagramming a story

    Can a story be diagrammed in the way a sentence can be diagrammed? Has anyone on this site ever seen attempts to do so?
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    Is loss of meter in poetry "decay"?

    This may be just a little premature, but I am going to have my students undertake to write a long, narrative poem in verse. I suspect that metered poetry is as effective now as it ever was, so WHY there has been such a move away from it over the last 150 years -- say, since Tennyson...
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    "Decay" in aspects of English grammar

    At some point I heard the gradual disappearance of the case endings from Old English to Modern English described as the "decay" of the cases, this coming after a time when, I believe, Proto-Indo-European had seven (or maybe eight cases). I believe that the same word could be applied to the...
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    Highlights from "The Games"

    I am referencing some other threads in which I called the teaching of morphology and syntax (together with Reed-Kellogg) diagramming "the games". This teaching took half my class time for about two and a half months and was done to "grammatical innocents". They basically knew nothing of...
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    Let the games resume

    Well, after a break, I will resume the teaching of morphology, syntax, and ultimately Reed-Kellogg. I am actually a little nervous. The students were SO excited before I took the break, and now the problem will be to restore that excitement without disappointing them. The prize for them is...
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    Let the games take a halftime break

    It has been quite a learning experience, this experiment in re-introducing Reed-Kellogg to my course. For a week or so, I think I will stop my teaching of it in order to let the dust settle.