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    I'm happy about the wedding. - adverbial and adjectival prepositions

    Hello everyone! I think this is an interesting topic. As I know, there are certain questions for the adverbs and adjectives (How, where, when, why, under what condition, in what way, and to what extend. - Which one, what kind, how much, how many, whose.) Moreover, the prepositional phrases can...
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    The cat's fur feels like cotton. - adjective or adverb

    Hello everyone, my source says in the sentence "The cat's fur feels like cotton." the linking verb "feel" connects to the adjective phrase "like cotton." Hovewer, I think it's incorrect. I think the phrase "like cotton." modifies the verb "feel" and it is an adverbial and prepositional phrase...
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    "Something happened to me." Subject-Object

    Hello, I'm studying on sentence structures but I'm having some problems. I've watched approximately ten youtube videos and read four articles but I couldn't find certain answers for my questions. I would like to know whether collocations, prepositions, prepositional phrases, adjectives, and...
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    Has he bath? Has he breakfast? and static and dynamic verbs

    Hello, I have learned that the sentence “Has he breakfast at 7 a.m.?” is grammatically correct but old fashioned. Are the sentences such as “Has he a bath?”, “Has he any fun?”, and “Has he a chat?” grammatically correct too? Does the same rule apply to these too? 1-“He hasn’t any money.” 2-“He...
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    How are your parents? - How your parents are?

    Good day, is there any difference between these clauses and their corresponding clauses? Are corresponding ones gramatically correct? Do they have the same meaning? Thanks a lot ^^ How are your parents? - How your parents are? Why is it so expensive? - Why it is so expensive? Isn’t she at...