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    [Vocabulary] Review VS Revision

    I looked up both in Oxford dictionary. Revision:(BrE) the process of learning work for an exam Review: (NAmE) a lesson in which you look again at something you have studied, especially in order to prepare for an exam. So I think there’s no difference between review and review when they used as...
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    [Vocabulary] Think of vs Think about

    I looked up these two phrases in the dictionary. I was confused because ‘think of’ seems similar to ‘think about’. So what’s the difference between both? For example: Don’t think about it anymore. Can I say? Don’t think of it anymore.
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    [Grammar] With + Clause

    Below is a sentence in my textbook. Complete the sentences with what Wei Fen learned from watching movies. Question1: ‘With + clause’ is adverbial in this sentence, right? Question2: Is this an Adverbial Clause of Manner? Question3: On the other hand, ‘with’ is a preposition here...
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    [Vocabulary] Secret to VS Secret of

    There is a sentence in my textbook. I discovered that listening to something interesting is the secret to language learning. I think ‘of’ should be followed behind ‘secret’. Question 1: Why does use ‘to’ there? I found an example in my dictionary. The secret of success is honesty and fair...
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    [Vocabulary] Aloud & Loud & Loudly

    Examples: What about reading aloud to practice pronunciation? How do you improve your pronunciation? By listening to a tape and repeating out loud. Then, I look up ‘aloud’ in dictionary. There are two kinds of explanation: 1.using the voice; not silently 2.with relatively high volume I think...
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    [Grammar] An appositive clause or a subject clause?

    The fact that this proposal make sense should be recognized. Is this sentence an appositive clause or a subject clause? Why?
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    [Vocabulary] What does 'Beyond' mean in this sentence

    The great advantage of taking medicine is that it makes no demands on the taker beyondthat of putting up for a moment witha disgusting taste. What’s meaning of ‘beyond’ here? I found a relevant explanation in dictionary: You use beyond to introduce an exception to what you aresaying For...
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    Diffrence between ''Help sb to do sth' and 'Help sb to do sth'

    This note is only a reminder. It will help you to remember. Can I express: It will help you remember. It will help you in remembering. It will help you remembering. what is the diffrence among 'help sb to do sth', 'help sb do sth', 'help sb in doing sth' and 'help sb doing sth'.
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    'More' function in specific phrase

    This note is only a reminder.It's nothing more. I will torment you no more. I can’t eat any more. I think 'more' here is to a greater degree than sth else/usual?. right? Is 'more' a adv here? Can I express like this: This note is only a reminder. It is not anything more. I will not torment you...
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    How to understand word 'MORE' in a specific sentence

    The wirter would reveive an extra $1,000 a year. He would get $1,000 a year ____. A. more B.over The answer is A. He would get $1,000 a year more. But I don't understand why 'more' is placed at the end of a sentence. I think 'more' means extra. Is ‘more’ a adjective here? Can I express...