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    [Vocabulary] Looking for some help with a work called "Stepped out"

    Hey Guys, could you please clear some of my doubts, I’ve seen many sentences where I have came across a work called “Stepped out”. I am wording what’s the use of this word. Can someone please explain the meaning and uses of stepped out in an easy language :D For example : Like in my case, I...
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    Request the teacher to please check my post

    Hi Friends :) I have written a short bio about me. I just want you people to please correct this grammatically. Many thanks to you people for your help and guidance. --------------- Bio About me------------------ Hi everyone :) I express my self as an emotional, sensitive, and a fun-loving...
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    [Grammar] Confused and need help in Grammar and sentence formation

    Hey Everyone 8-) I need your help in the following sentences: A. Whats going on? B. Its been a long time since I have visited here. Sentence A: Today one of my clients asked me this in chat "Whats going on?". Actually I don't know the exact meaning of "Whats going on?". And when he said...
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    [Grammar] Will be + ing / Will be

    Greeting Friends! :) I need help in a sentence. The sentence is "Sam will be trained by a tennis coach in Canada for his role." Can anyone please explain, why "Will be trained" is written? I'm expecting it to be "Will be training". Thanks in advance :-)
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    [Grammar] Confused in a sentence.........

    Hi Friends! I'm a bit confused in a sentence. The sentence is A -The football star, I admire most, is Cristiano Ronaldo. B-The football star I admire most is Cristiano Ronaldo. Please tell me which one from the above sentences is accurate.
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    [General] A Question!

    Hi! Friends :-) Can I say this sentence "Right now, I'm only taking Sundays classes" as "Right now, I'm having only Sunday Classes". Please help :)
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    [Grammar] A Grammar Question!

    Suppose I left a company in 2008. I'm saying in a way that. A - I have worked with XXX. B- I had worked with XXX. Which one from the above is correct? Please help!
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    [Vocabulary] Need help in a sentence!

    The first fifty years of life are dedicated to building one’s legitimacy while last fifty are devoted to building one’s legacy. In this sentence, I want to know the meaning of legitimacy and legacy.
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    [Grammar] Question for Grammar!

    Greeting all! I just wanna know whether this "My brother & Sister has been living in Spain from last 6 years" sentense is correct or not. Please help :) & thanks in advance :)
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    confusion in two sentences.

    I thank you for giving me some more time. I thank you for scheduling the interview to 22nd September. Are these sentences correct?
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    Grammar Question!

    "If possible try to spare sometime for listening to your favorite music. This will help in remaining mind & mood to be cheerful throughout the day." Is the above sentence correct. Please help. Thanks in advance!
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    [General] Question about grammer

    Greeting Everyone :) "Pinto, who will be seen next in Woddy Allen's You will meet." I'm little confused in above sentence. As per rule will be+verb+ing is used. Please help me.
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    General Question.

    Greeting :-) I would like to know the meaning of "Payment has been an hour back" Please help and Thanks in advance!
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    [Vocabulary] Fond Memories

    What's the exact meaning of Fond Memories? Please help........