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    article "the"

    Hi All, I am working hard to understand the usage of an article "The". I am speaking English for past 10 years but still very confused. Please correct the usage of "the" in the following sentences : 2. I get up in the morning. ( I feel its wrong as I am talking in general about mornings) 2. An...
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    "the JFK airport" or "JFK airport"

    Hi, Please let me know if I need to use "the" before the name of an airport. Thanks, Gauri
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    correction of the

    Hi, I am trying to learn the but still not very confident. Please let me know if I have used "the" properly in following paragraph I was worried because there were just 3 people in one of my Sunday's class. Now the count has increased as there were 7 people in the last class so it seems...
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    phase of vs phase in

    Hi All, Which is correct and why 1. She is going through a difficult phase of her life. 2. She is going through a difficult phase in her life. I am very bad at preposition and feel like both are correct . Please explain? Gauri
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    a nice response vs nice response

    Hi, Do I need to use a before nice response. I feel response is uncountable noun like help. So I need to drop a but I searched in google it seems I am wrong. Please help me with this.
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    no time :(

    Hi All, Please correct the following pargraph ------------------------------------------ We have washing machine to wash cloths, we have dish washer to clean utensils, we have vacuum cleaner to broom the house, we have car to drive and many more machines to finish the work faster but still...
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    Hi All, Please correct the following sentences ---------------------------------------- Husband and Wife fight almost every day but that does not mean they do not love each other. They fight because they do have some expectations from each other and that's the way they are learning about...
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    Hi All, Please correct the paragraph below which I wrote about the mindfullness -------------------------------------------------------------- When a Mom shouts at her child of age around 2 to 3, he sometimes stares at his mama back or sometimes laughs at her or else makes some strange...
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    Hi All, Please review my story below and correct the English. Thanks in advance ------------------------------------------------------- There was a very poor boy. His name was Tom. He used to live in a small hut and he even didn’t have cot to sleep. He used to sleep on the hard floor. One day...
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    need urgent help on vote of thanks

    Hi, I have to say vote of thanks on this Saturday after an Indian Festival, which will have food, DJ, and stage performance by the kids. I tried to write it in poetry way below Please correct the grammar or anything else which look weird here -------------------------------- I stand here...
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    moon does not have a face :)

    Hi, Please correct the grammar below ---------------------------------- My four year daughter was reading a picture book. One of the page in the book, she noticed a moon having a smailing face. She shouted that this book is telling a lie as she never saw a real moon having an eye, nose and...
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    behaviour ...a children story

    Hi, Please correct the grammar in the story below I wrote today ------------------------------------------- There was a girl named Shiny. She was entering to 3rd grade this year. She knew that she was getting Ms. G as her 3rd grade teacher, who was known to be a very generous teacher. A Few...
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    gets punished/punishment

    Hi Which one is correct get punished or gets punishment. Get is a verb so I can use either a verb or an noun after a gets? So I feel the gets punishment is also correct. I am always confused in general what to use after make, get etc. Thanks
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    used all my own experince/experinced of past

    Hi, I gave one of my English writting to one of my friend who is masters in English. She corrected the following sentence which I feel is wrong i used all my own experienced of doing yoga with my daughter into these classes. Please let me know which is correct here experienced or...
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    englsih word for "paper squeez"

    Hi, I am unable to get the English word for something like if I squeeze the paper and make it into the ball for the purpose of throwing into the dustbin. Thanks Gauri