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  • You seems to be very busy member as you completed century... lol
    anyway you select the pms you want to delete and then right at the bottom you will see the tab of "Selected Messages:" click there and select the option delete.
    What happened.....are you so busy now a days? Hope you have checked the link that I sent you. Best Regards.....have a nice week end!!!
    please help me to write a refund letter for my cousin...he wrote a letter to refund the amount of 5,000 in training. how i'll write a letter for him? to request my cousin for refund letter...thanks in advance ma'am...
    He had no servants - yet they called Him 'Master', no degrees - yet they called Him 'Teacher', no medicine - yet they called Him 'Healer', no army - yet the kings feared Him, He won no military battles - yet He conquered the world. He commited no crime -yet they crucified Him, He was buried in a tomb- yet He lives today....wishing you a HAPPY EASTER ....and a blessed life with this great Hero of all times, JESUS!
    Hi Gayanah,
    Hope everything is going fine with you with the grace of God. How about your work ? I saw your postings in the various forums. All are very interesting. Then what else? Here the hot news all are about the economic crisis and lay offs due to this. What about the cituatiion in Armenia? How about economy of Aramania? I think it has not that impact on your country's economy ....

    Convey my regards to your children

    Thanks and Regards
    Hello Thomas (I like your name)
    Nothing special problems everywhere but I am trying to stay strong. Now I am at work I will leave in a half an hour.
    How are you are there any news you would like to tell me.
    I am doing pretty good. What about you?
    How about the Economic Slowdown....what about its impact in Armania?
    How is your children?
    Thank you ....:lol::lol:
    It is really a nice quote. It is a fact that after the season of Spring or after the days of celebrations (especially the New year) we feel like upset in our life or feel nothing promising in our life at least for some days.
    May the New Year's sun

    rise with lots of Happiness and

    Prosperity for you and your family

    Have a Happy and Prosperous..........

    .. New Year
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