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    anything more formal than "dear"?

    well i think dear is the most formal. but its umm kind of outdated in my opinion becasue its not so popular anymore. i prefer to, instead of dear. well dear just make it sound so distant. as if i am writing to someone i am not too close to i hope you get what i mean
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    just grammar question

    what are reflecive pronoun? and is it a problem to use reflecive pronoun in writing?
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    a phrase i don't understand

    That’s what I think too but what is really akward is that one of the poems in the play goes like this I dash aside the manly tear And take leave of my monkish home A word of thanks to you, my master dear, Who tonsured me before the Lotus throne: Twas not my luck to stay with you And in a...
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    a phrase i don't understand

    ok i have a question on about a phrase "ruby lips" i know it means very red but when you say the play is a ruby lips so the play is very red. ok does that symbolize something of the play? does red symbolize love? lips symbolize a kiss? thanks in advance
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    can you remind me this english rule

    thanks you have helped me alot now all i have to do is go back to my essay and fix the errors
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    can you tell me if this is correct

    they know how to win the heart and trust of the people around her. is it hearts and trusts or is the above correct thankyou
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    can you remind me this english rule

    can you remind me this english rule when do i use are and were i know that they are for people is are used for thing and were used for people past???
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    Hi students! Do you understand this ...

    hee hee good one ronbee. i know that it is not really common in canada for waiter or waitress to call ppl by what they eat. hmm i am wondering does british english call ppl by wat they eat? or american english
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    How to learn English well

    i think the best way to learn eglish well is basicaallly visiting this site. i mean most of the things that are posted here are common error. well sometimes we don't notice these comon error. by reading the post and reply yo ucan learn alot from it with out consciencely knowing.
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    Hi students! Do you understand this ...

    i think it is very funny the sentence. well it is correct and incorrect depending how you view the sentence. ok beefstew maybe just for scaratism that guy is considered to be the beef stew.-- maybe he does look like one. hee hee incorrect if you mean that guy ordered a beef stew and wants...
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    how do i fix this sentence

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    i like the new look

    i like the new look of the website- but where do i find the post that i have posted in the past?
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    how do i fix this sentence

    how do i fix this sentence. i am trying to compare impaired drivers and drivers using cell phone --both being dangerous --Anyone operating a vehicle while talking on the cell phone is as dangerous as an impaired driver. microsoft words says that this sentence is a fragament but i don't...
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    Can you complete this work sheet for me

    i am not a teacher ok but i think these might be the answers Extreme sports Participants The athletes The rider cross-country biker rider's swimmer sport ?? body surfer body surfer?? The feet Body surfers ocean sporfis Regular surfers Body boarders athletes sport sites sport equipment...