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    [General] Recommended Grammar books / sentence building books + websites?

    Hi, I'm a native english speaker and I'm looking for english grammar books and books with examples of beautiful and advanced sentences. Some of the books I'm looking for include: A LOT of examples: I believe repeating phrases and seeing a lot of examples is the best way to learn - just...
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    [Grammar] Uncountable nouns + using "Some of"

    Hi, I'm confused by 2 grammar rules that seem to contradict each other: 1. Uncountable nouns don’t have plural forms! Example: underwear and furniture have no plural form 2. The noun following one of, some of, none of and similar expressions must be plural in number Now the confusion...
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    [Grammar] compound nouns sip of water, a cup of cofee?

    Hi I'm trying to analyze the grammar of the phrases A cup of water a sip of tea a group of children A city of ghosts Is it correctly understood that Cup and water are 2 seperate nouns? Or is the whole sentence "Cup of water" or "City of ghosts" a compound noun? Kind regards grammar123