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    "a printed voucher must be produced upon boarding"

    Hi! I haven't been here for quite a while... just a quick question - is it ok to say: "A printed voucher must be produced upon boarding" ? I've googled it but got only 8 hits or something... It sounds o.k. to my ears but I'm still not sure... Is there any other way of saying it in English...
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    would/used to ???

    Hi! I just came across a grammar exercise in which I'm supposed to cross out the incorrect verb form in each sentence. The problem that I'm having now is that I don't quite understand why some of them are incorrect in these particular contexts. I'd aprreciate it if you could just spare a moment...
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    Medical article

    Hi all! I have a really big request for you guys! I've recently been struggling with a medical article that I decided to translate for my friend and I'm not sure if I did it well or not. I'd really appreciate it if you could just spare a moment and take a look at it. :roll: please let me know if...
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    "give it a smack"

    Could anyone answer my question please??:roll:
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    "give it a smack"

    Can the expression "give (it) a smack" have any other meaning than just "to kiss someone with a loud noise" or "hit forcefully" ? Can it also mean "give it a try" for example? Thank you!
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    the newly wed/weds ?

    is it really incorrect to treat a couple as one single unit?? What about Americans? don't they tend to "singularize" (couldn't come up with any better word here:-|) collective nouns? According to CALD it is possible to say "An elderly couple UK live/US lives next door". Just take a look...
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    the newly wed/weds ?

    I have a little question... Is it correct (linguistically, of course) to call a couple who has just gotten married "The newly wed" instead of "The newly weds" ?? thank you!
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    chop flick

    is there any such expression in English as "chop flick" ?? If yes, what would it mean?? Thank you!!:roll:
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    opposite of inflatable

    What is the opposite of "inflatable" ??:roll: Thank you!
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    Past Perfect/Past Simple

    Hi! I was just leafing through a grammar book and I came across this sentence: "I felt bad after lunch. I had eaten or (surprisingly!!!) ate too much" The key at the back of the book says that ate is possible but it's colloquial. In what sense is the Past Simple tense used colloquially in...
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    HI guys!!! I have a little question... I recently came across this expression: "Richly-drawn characters" and I have no earthly idea what that could possibly mean... Could you please help me? Thank you!
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    "make it a point"

    A conversation between two people: "Please tell them I was right next time we meet okay?" "Sure, I'll make it a point!" DOES this kind of response sound okay to you?? thank you!!!
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    the past tense

    In the first part of the sentence "has passed" is used since it's about an economic situation which has JUST ended (we're not interested when it happened but THAT it simply happened; "thank God it's gone now!" :D). Then, we add an additional piece of info (so to say) about the measures which...
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    Tenant house - meaning?

    But does it really have anything to do with a tenement house? They may be easily confused since they sound alike... According to the CALD a tenement is "a large building divided into apartments, usually in a poor area of a city" but what about a "tenant house"? Is it the same or (at least)...
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    Tenant house - meaning?

    Is there anything like a "tenant house" in English? If yes, what meaning does it have? Does it have anything to do with a "tenement house" ??? Thank you!