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    problem of syntactic construction

    Hi everybody, I made an English Theme exercise and I would like someone to tell me if this sentence is correct: ... Yet, if everyone sells at the same time, the induced prices plunge undermines debtor financial positions before they can reimburse their debts. Assets deflation can therefore...
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    I need the OED (Oxford English Dictionary)

    Hi everybody, I am in search of the OED and particularly the online version. If anyone could help me to find it; it is, in my opinion the best ever dictionary at the present time. It gives OE definitions as well as Present Modern English Ones. Thanks for a link. Gregory
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    prices at cashdesk

    I have a translation to fulfill and it is the last question for today. In French: "Les prix augmentent à la caisse" means prices increase, but the prices you have to pay when you reach the cashdesk in a store. It emphasizes on the fact that we speak of the real prices the one you have to pay...
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    Hi everybody, I know that in English "since" goes along with present perfect and "ago" with preterit. But in this case i am not quite sure of the one to use: "Since it (the real estate bubble) has broken out two years ago ..." "Since it (the real estate bubble) broke out two years ago ..."...
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    passive/active voice

    Hi everybody, I would like to know if the two sentences are akin when swifted from active to passive voice: "They were laughing at her" "She was laughed at" Is this sentence correct: "She was being laughed at" Is it possible to use BE as a passive and progressive marker at the same time?
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    to give the economy a shot in the arm

    Hi everybody, Could someone explain to me what this following expression means and where does it come from: "to give the economy a shot in the arm" Because the equivalent in French is: "apporter une bouffée d'oxygène à l'économie" which means as a verbatim report: "to bring a puff of...
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    was/were + Verb-ing

    hi everybody, I have a question, what is the difference between: Carol R. Johnson, the schools superintendent, said staff members were not being fired, but were being asked to “recommit” themselves. Carol R. Johnson, the schools superintendent, said staff members have not been fired, but...