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    [Grammar] go through/go over

    Let's go through this exercise once again. Let's go over this exercise once again. --- Which phrasal verb sounds better here?
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    the whites/blacks

    Hi If I talk about a group of white people, is it correct to refer to them as "the whites" or "the blacks" (if talking about black people)?
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    frazzled/frayed nerves

    Hi Does "frazzled nerves" mean pretty much the same as "frayed nerves"? There's also the expression my "nerves are shot".
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    jury comes in

    Hi Certain woman talks about parenting. She says "My daughter is 21 and at about age 20 the jury comes in. At that point I felt like I could see where I got it wrong and where I got it right" Does it mean "it's too late to change/do anything"?
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    is coming from

    Hi Many people in the world don't know where their next meal is coming from. Does it mean: have nothing to eat?
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    when are rehabilitated

    Hi What happens when abused animals are rehabilitated? Does it mean how they behave when they are rehabilitated on a day to day basis or rather how they behave after the rehabilitation process is over?
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    Early evidence

    Hi The early evidence seems to be that .... Does "early evidence" mean "first evidence"?
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    with love

    Hi At the beginning of the book the author writes: For Tom, Jason, Mary etc. with love. What does "with love" mean here? I understand that he dedicates this book to this people. Maybe "With love I dedicate this book to ...."?
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    in her own right

    Hi She is an intuitive genius in her own right. --- I'm not sure how to interpret the phrase "in her own right" in this context? Is there a different phrase which we could use in place of "in her own right"?
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    enrich themselves

    Hi To enrich themselves and tap into their unconscious mind, many have turned to ... What is the meaning of "enrich themselves"?
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    Hi What does it mean to "dance like a banshee"? Maybe dance very vigorously?
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    Hi Wanda saw that the surgery might not help her visual problem, but the eye surgeon assured her that 95 percent of patients do see clearly after the procedure. What is the meaning of "saw" above? Thought? Was certain?
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    Hi If you tend to be hyperactive or unfocused, you may need a calming affirmation so you can let go of the anxiousness and worry. Does "unfocused" mean "absent-minded", "distracted" or just not able to concentrate?
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    Hi Whether it was a family quarrel or a disagreement at work, Raelynn was truly a master negotiator—able to see both sides of the argument. But she could also be stubborn and willful, like a dog with a bone, not giving up but not listening either. Does "willful" here mean "disobedient"?
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    assert your will

    Hi Not being able to assert your will can make you susceptible to ... Does "assert your will" mean the same as "express your will"?