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    How would you define (the word) “grotesque”?

    No Daruma, "How would you define..." is correct
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    side-kick/ dumping/ come up with/ whet your appetite/ thrift shop

    OK Vil, they are all fine. Well done.
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    round up (v)/ expired/ round-up (n)/ vulture/ a trifle..

    All are fine except the last one, Vil. Here the author is using understatement in saying 'a trifle'. What he really means is that it can be 'extremely' hot in Casablanca. Sometimes we may say; "It's a trifle cold outside, take a jacket", when we really mean, "Put your jacket on, it's freezing...
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    is or are...

    Each basically means each one, each person, each unit etc. so: Each of these classics IS ... This means that each one of these classics is good/bad/blue/old/ etc., etc.
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    resigned in a row

    Yes that's correct: He had a row with his wife (he had an argument with his wife) = row as in cow They had a real row in the pub = row as in cow I sat in row number thirteen at the show = row as in snow I taught my son to row the boat = row as in snow
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    John, mah maan!

    Not quite, Huda-M. This is American dialect, and is used in completely informal situations, as you said. Mah = my ......... Maaan = man Sometimes it is extended to 'Mah main maaahn', which means 'My best friend' or my best helper, worker, neighbour, etc.. Main meaning the 'number 1', or the...
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    He was speaking from one of the life rafts as he waited to be rescued.

    ‘Speaking on one of the life-rafts’ means that he was speaking to someone on the life-raft. If he is communicating with someone not on the life-raft, then he is 'speaking from one of the the life-rafts', whether by telephone, megaphone,or shouting across to another vessel, shore etc. "Excuse...
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    year on year

    You can also say 'year for year'. ;-)
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    Replacing a sentence

    Although Charles agreed, he was just pulling the wool over their eyes Is that what you are looking for? :-)
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    Replacing a sentence

    What you mean Huda-M is: Though Charles agreed, he had no intention of obeying Intention means that you have the idea to do something, or a course which you want to follow: Jane broke the plate which she was washing, but her intention was good. It’s my intention to go to the moon some day...
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    Using "able to" for past tence...

    Try this: I was not able to ... or I wasn't able to ... He/she/it was not able to ... or He/she/it wasn't able to ... We/you/they were not able to ... or you/we/they weren't able to ... I didn't come online because I was busy. He/she/it didn't come online ... We/you/they didn't come...
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    "worth" "worthy"

    Worth as an adjective, means that it has a value or having wealth, e.g. I don’t think it is worth the money. She is worth her weight in gold. He is worth millions Worthy Worthy describes merit, something which someone or something has earned, e.g. He won the boxing match, he is the worthy...
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    Number 2 my friend ;-)
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    Nipple police

    That's a nice article BobK, but couldn't you send one showing why they are banning it?;-) :-D
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    A question of Grammar

    Hotel is always preceded with 'a' and not 'an'. You may well hear "an 'otel", "an 'orrible day" or "an 'urricane" in the far southern reaches of the UK, but this is purely dialectual and not correct. In the same dialect the use of 'th' mysteriously vanishes at the end of words, only to be...