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  • It's really very hard to teach so many students. I find it impossible... Anyway, if you have to teach them,you should try to it in groups. Let's say you can have 5 teams, seven students in each... Write the task on the blackboard, let them discuss it inside their teams and then they can discuss it together. It's much easier to teach grammar. you explain the grammar material first and then they are given tests. I hope I helped you. Cheers!
    Hello! i just signed in, and i have to tell you that this monday is going to be the first time I give an English lesson to more than ten students, this time 35.
    On my last experiences, my students ended liking English, knowing how important this languaje is for them, and of course having great grades. My classes are usually changing and very dinamic, so they don´t get bored easily. The little ussue right now, is that I am 19 years old, and I am used (due to my short teaching experience) to have a good class control with few pupils (8 aprox), and now i´ll be facing 35 seventeen year-old kids.
    What would you recomend so I can get their attention and respect effectively? Any ideas?
    thank you :)
    hey,i think i just the one who help improving my english,i have a problem with clauses and how to shorten them
    Hi,Harry Smith
    Perhaps your surname is Darbinyan.I have some difficulties with translation of Harry. I can't guess your name.Will you help me?
    Thank you.
    Hi, gayanah!
    it's my nickname. If you want to know my real name just translate it inti Armenian. Nice to meet you. Cheers!
    I am Armenian and I am surprised that your home country is Armeina,because you haven't Armenian initials.Sorry for my bad English.I like English and have always wished to know it as well as it possible. What is your nationallity?
    Best Regards.
    Hi Harry! I've got a favor to ask you. Could you please answer my post question titled "Nicknames of Countries". Thanks!

    Please participate in the vote 'Would you like to live in the USA?'. We need to see your beautiful opinions about living in the USA! Hopping that you'd set the stage for having a good conclusion!
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