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    Reducing relative clauses

    Dear teachers, Do you think that it may be possible to reduce the following relative clauses into relative phrases? 1. "Sequoyah, who had no education, believed that reading and writing were important." 2. "Thousands of cherokees who did not know how to read and write started to write using...
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    Dear friends, Merry Christmas! What could be the paraphrase of the underlined part? He and others also emphasize the central role schools play in suburban life. "In big cities, there are lots of places where kids make connections, where they have pieces of their lives," he said. "But in a...
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    Pronoun "this"

    Dear teachers, What does the pronoun "this" in the following paragraph refer to? Our culture is the system we use to build our identity. All living creatures are part of a culture, even animals! So what is culture? It is the way we behave in a group. It begins with each individual family and...
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    to help/for helping?

    Dear teachers, In the following sentence which one is more near-nativelike? "This cook contains information to help/for helping students learn better." Thanks.
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    meaning of "get"

    Dear native speakers, What could be the meaning of "get" in the following sentence? "Computers help teachers in their teaching lessons and getting students' grades. I couldn't find a suitable meaning for it in Longman dictionary. Thanks.
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    software is/are?

    Dear teachers, Which verb is correct in the following sentence? "Software is/are different programs in a computer." My answer is "is" since "software is an uncount noun, but in a simplified text it was "are". Thanks.
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    had been gone or had gone?

    Dear teachers, The following is a sentence taken from a novel. In this sentence there is a structure "had been gone". It seems a bit odd to me. Is it correct or it should be "had gone"? It looked as if Janine didn’t even know Alexa had been gone. Thanks.
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    part of/a part of?

    Dear teachers, In the following sentence "part of" or "a part of" is correct? Can we use both forms in the sentence? If yes, does it make a difference in meaning to use any of them? All living creatures are part of/a part of a culture, even animals! Thanks.
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    suffix -ery

    Dear teachers, The suffix -ery is a noun-forming suffix. But what about the word "slippery"? Here the word is an adjective! Are there any other words that are adjectives with this suffix? Thanks.
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    will be going or are going?

    Dear teachers, Is there any difference in meaning and usage between the following sentences? 1. Will you be going away this summer? 2. Are you going away this summer? Thanks.
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    ambiguity in headline

    Dear native speakers, Which words in the following headlines have ambiguity? And would you explain their different meanings? 1) Rare Monkey Eats Carrots and Flies 2) Doctor Administers New Drug Tests Thanks.
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    will or be going to

    Dear teachers, What will best fill the blank: will be or is going to be? Any why? Tom sends his apolpogies but he ................... a few minutes late. Thnaks.
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    /meaning of a sentence

    Dear Native speakers, What does the underlined part mean in the following context? 'Betcha godditl' said Johnny. While I betted that I hadn't, we ambled back to the house via the dam. where tiny wombat footprints could be seen in the mud. 'Find any?' asked my mother. 'No. But we did get...
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    grammar question

    Dear native speakers, Which item is grammatically correct and meaningful to fill the gap? Despite years of record oil revenues, PDVSA accumulated liabilities of almost $70 billion by last September, up from less than $30 billion in 2006, .............. a) which the company's financial office...