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    Flash Cards

    I'm curious how much teachers use flashcards in their lessons. Do you use the cards a lot? a little? not at all? Additionally, what kind of activities do you usually do with the cards? Thank you in advanced for the answers! Chris Cotter Heads Up English - Just print and teach! Heads Up English
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    the future of English?!

    Just thought I would post an interesting article on the future of English from the Telegraph. Does anyone agree? How about disagree? English will fragment into 'global dialects' - Telegraph I have my own opinions, but I'm interested to hear what others have to say on the subject. Chris Cotter...
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    interview questions

    I'm putting together a short article on the hiring process at ESL EFL schools -- something to prepare job seekers and a little more targeted than the usual information found at career sites like Monster. Other articles I've written for Heads Up English can be found at: Articles | Heads Up...