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    [Vocabulary] BROOK VS STREAM

    Is the brook larger than stream?
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    [Grammar] Which one is correct????

    Hi everyone! I have a question about pronoun. Please read the sentences below I meet my old friend at the deli counter in the market near my house. I meet my old friend at the deli counter in the market which near my house. (adding pronoun) Would you please tell me which one is...
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    [Grammar] PHRASE

    Read the sentence below: He toiled from dawn till dusk cutting grass and selling for fuel or fodder. Could anyone help me to analyze this sentence grammatically? What kind of phrase is the bold phrase above? Thanks in advance
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    [Vocabulary] SUFFER VS ENDURE

    Could anyone explain the difference between SUFFER & ENDURE? Thanks,
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    Need help

    once I was looking the bill, i saw the number with the mark like this : $16CR what is CR?
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    [Grammar] analyze the sentence

    Read the sentence below: Bats, balls, and gloves arrived in cloth sacks from friends back home. What part of speech of the red word? What kind of phrase of the underline phrase? thanks,
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    [Vocabulary] detain vs delay

    what are the differences between detain and delay? (using conditions of each one) thanks
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    What is the difference between RECEPTACLE AND CONTAINER?
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    [Vocabulary] INCIDENT

    Could anyone explain the meaning of Incident? Thanks,
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    [Grammar] present & perpect infinitive

    I like to win that game. I would like to have won that game. What is difference in meaning meaning between them? Thanks,
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    [Grammar] no time???

    the good doctor will solve your stomach's problem in no time. What does the bold phrase mean?
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    [Grammar] analyze sentence

    Please read this sentence: The safe houses and secret hiding places known to the conductors were called "stations" and "depot," after railway stations and railway depot. Would you please analyze this sentence in grammar? What is the underline part named? Thanks,
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    [Grammar] adj vs adv

    please read the sentences below: He answer the question somewhat hastily. Is it correct? or Would it be?: He answer the question somewhat hasty. thanks
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    [Vocabulary] pupil vs student

    Pupil and student are synonym, but what is the small difference between them? thanks,
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    OK, I have been practicing the pronunciation of "TH" for years, it gets a lot better, but still, I find it quite awkward to pronounce it, I wonder how native speakers can use it so fluently. Would you please tell me the standard way to pronounce it? Here is my understanding, please correct me...