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    [General] of cheating and of having cheated

    Hi teachers: There is a sentence here: This broker is accused of having cheated some investors out of their money. This broker is accused of cheating some investors out of their money. What is the difference between using cheating and having cheated? Many thanks.
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    As concerns the matter

    Hello! I would like to ask about a sentence: "As concerns the matter, I don't want to say a word." I am confused about the first sentence. Is "as" subject? Is "concerns" verb? And does "as" have the function of conjunction? Can I write it as " As it concerns the matter, I don't want to say a...
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    [Grammar] since-clause tense

    Hello! Could anyone help me with a question of tenses? "Since" is used with two different kinds of tenses---simple past and present perfect. Here is some examples I want to compare with: 1.He hasn't seen his brother since he has left his country.(since + present perfect) 2.He has lived here...
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    [Idiom] get to

    Hi! Everyone. I would like to ask a meaning of a phrase, "get to", which is from a lyrics "Now I never never get to clean up the mess I made". I have looked up some dictionaries. It has several meanings, but I don't know which one is suitable here. Does it mean"start to clean up", or"finish...
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    [General] reduced sound

    Hello, everyone! I have read some references about reduced sound(two consonants). But most of them are talking about two the same letters(pronunciations), as in "bus station","right time". The letters s and t, the last letter of first word and the first letter of second word, are the same in...
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    [Grammar] non-restrictive clause?

    Hi everyone! I would like to ask a sentence from an article: "The best part about Sunny Acres is that is was designed with the whole family in mind. For those jobs in the city, it is only a 45-minute train commute from the nearest station, Middlebury, a 15-minute walk away. For kids, Sunny Acres...
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    [Idiom] never ever, ever never

    Hi everyone! I would like to ask what's the difference between" never ever" and "ever never". I don't know whether I misunderstood their meanings.(I have read some examples.) I would think "never ever" means a matter will never happen in the future,or express firm will for not doing something...
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    [Grammar] would and would have

    Hi everybody! I want to ask a grammar about hypothetic usage. I am not sure my understanding is correct. For example, if I want to ask somebody if he were in that situation, what would he do? How could I ask him? 1.what would you do if you were in that situation? 2.what would you have done if...
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    [Grammar] tense coincidence

    Hi! I would like to ask the question of coincidence of tense. Some sentences include past and future contents both. And some books say that if a independent clause uses past tense, then the after clause has to use past tense too. It means tenses need to be coincidence.(past tense---past tense)...
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    [Grammar] adjective behind a noun

    Hello, :) I want to ask about adjective usages. first, I want to list some examples to help discuss. 1.The boy (who is) standing there is my friend. 2.The girl (who is) locked behind the door is crying. 3.The student (who is) interested writes his name on this paper. The student (who is)...
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    [Grammar] comparative structure

    Hi, I want to ask about some structure problem in comparative. My grammar book has mentioned a structure like "The boy is as smart as John," and which is what I have seen the most common types of comparative structure. So when I saw another type of structure like"A man as rude as him could...