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    ESL Game: Who's the Spy? How to play?

    Hi, I've had a request from some university students (in China) to play "Who's the Spy?" I thought I could easily find this game on the web, but I've had no luck so far. I'd ask some students, but I'm away from the campus this weekend. I'm assuming it's a "minimal resources" type game suitable...
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    Seeking a poem for Chinese middle school kids

    Hi, I do hate to beg, but I'm worn out from searching the web. I seems like a no-brainer, but the criteria are hard to match. I'll start with an example of a poem that worked very well with Grade 7's last term. I'm not sure if it's proper to copy and paste a published work here, so here's a...
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    Favourite "Words in a Word" Words

    Hi, I teach children from about 7 to 15 years old. I sometimes play Words in a Word with my classes, and the response is generally very good. It's a good game to get kids thinking of all the vocabulary they have learned. I'm running out of fresh words to use, however. My students range from...
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    "Cultural Content"/ limited resources

    Hi, A new public school term will begin shortly here in China. I'll be going back to teaching large classes of middle-schoolers (14-15 yr olds). This will be my second term of this sort of teaching. My "brief" or job description is pretty vague in many ways. As a foreign, native English...
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    Teaching public school in China

    Hi, I teach 25 classes a week in 2 public schools in China. Most of my students are in middle school, but I have at least one of each grade from 2 to 6, also. I have not seen much information on this kind of teaching on any of the "interwebs" ;-) The threads I found here on this topic are old...